How Stronger Collaboration Draws Right Customers

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Google Marketing’s Display & Video 360 streamlines the process of leading digital campaigns from start to finish, making it simpler for various teams to collaborate.

FREMONT, CA: Getting a prosperous ad campaign up and running necessitates data, media, creative, and analytics teams to operate closely during the journey. A recent paper shows that the team that handles advertising campaigns shows enhancement in campaign performance when collaborative leadership is aligned. But now, the digital campaign workflow is increasingly complicated and manual, comprising multiple people and businesses, which makes it hard to partner. Yet, collaboration opens opportunities for the campaigns to blossom. One of the efficient ways to collaborate is to create a strategic partnership with tech platforms, specializing in marketing, and this is where Google Marketing Platform’s Display & Video 360 serves well.

Top 10 Customer Experience Solution Companies - 2018Collaboration is not as simple as it appears. Display & Video 360 is a unique lens via which marketers can partner over their digital media mix. With Display & Video 360, it is likely to have a seamless collaborative effort among teams concerned in digital campaigns. A digital campaign will be strong only when the concerned have an idea of the purpose. With Display & Video 360, the marketing unit can work collectively to achieve end-to-end ad campaigns. The platform also comprises cross-platform measurement, campaign management, creative, and audience abilities to help marketers act more effectively while strategizing ad campaigns.

By embracing this collaborative platform of Google Marketing, marketers can fully maintain their campaigns across video, audio, display, TV, and other channels, all in one place. Display & Video 360 can also assist marketing teams to work together to plan campaigns, design and maintain creative, organize and build audience segments, and measure and optimize outcomes. Understanding how the marketing campaign is working gives marketers more power over campaigns. They can swiftly see what works and what does not, and then collaborate with other teams and make educated decisions to adjust the tactics and enhance overall campaign performance. The platform is using abilities like ML to enhance its performance. Its built-in intelligence enables marketers to collaborate, act swiftly, and finally accomplish their goals.

Advancing marketing campaigns start with collaborations. So brands need to stay focused to succeed in collaborative endeavors. Display & Video 360 can assist in this effort by supporting the marketing teams taking ownership of collaborative efforts.

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