How is AI Optimizing Digital Ad Campaigns?

MarTech Outlook | Thursday, October 03, 2019

Vendors are leveraging the power of AI to build solutions that enhance the creative aspects of advertisements and drive better performance of ad campaigns on social media platforms.

FREMONT, CA: Marketing technology company Pattern89 has launched Voyager, a set of new tools that will enhance the digital advertisement lifecycle by enabling a better understanding of ad performance. The company which applies artificial intelligence to improve social media marketing aims to optimize the performance of ads through four new features that are included in Voyager. The AI algorithms at work in this new offering will give marketers the opportunity to gain useful insights about the potential of a campaign even before it goes live.    

Publishing ads on leading social media platforms is cost-intensive. Being able to predict the effectiveness of an ad empowers businesses to spend efficiently on their marketing campaigns. With Pattern89’s Creative Simulator, marketing professionals can attain intelligence that helps deliver advertisements with better creative ingredients. The feature examines the creative elements present in an ad to determine its probable performance before it is published. Thus, marketers can evaluate the performance of creative ads and modify its contents to make it better. The stimulator that works with the help of artificial intelligence, therefore, makes the job of marketers simpler and enables companies to gauge results before paying money for online advertisements.

Alert Performance Analysis, another feature that is a part of Pattern89’s Voyager enables marketers to determine the effectiveness of AI-driven alerts. Through a combination of dynamic benchmarks, the creative changes that marketers introduce to an ad are examined. Thus, the feature enables ad makers to monitor the effectiveness of AI-based decisions and lends transparency to make the solution dependable.

The other two capabilities included in Voyager are Pattern89 Consol and Creative Planner. While the planner offers saved filters to simplify scheduling, Consol enables automatic implementation of all the features under the Do Everything For Me mode. The AI-backed offering from Pattern89 is exceptionally efficient in making marketing intelligent and maximizing its potential to drive up sales. The company has been delivering innovative solutions with a focus on AI to help companies derive the best results from digital marketing campaigns.

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