How Social Listening Betters Marketing?

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Social listening, acting as a critical component in marketing analytics, allows brands to track, analyze, and respond to leads and conversions.

FREMONT, CA: Marketing analytics has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Although it offers incredible insights in its own right, social listening has changed the marketing analytics game. This can help when it comes to tailoring products and services that are more attractive to customers.

U Analyzing customer returns to a particular website can provide initial clues about brands' overall visibility in social media platforms. A social media platform that has rich customer conversation about the brand can help marketing analysts to find top themes. This can help brands identify motivations driving conversions and gives a firmer understanding of how customers perceive the brand. This is essentially diving into more in-depth marketing research.

Top Marketing Analytics Solution CompaniesSocial listening offers unbiased, unfiltered content about the brands, and contains reams of data that may help with measuring brand health. Once marketing analysts have an understanding of the brand’s social media footprint, they can isolate the data that they care about to track on. Marketing analytics, combined with social listening, helps brands to identify opportunities to engage in greater rates of conversations.

When brands monitor relevant market keywords, they can uncover conversations about products, services, and features that currently do not work for customers. This is excellent information that can help the product development team. With this analysis, brands can also tweak an existing product or add a feature to resolve the problems customers are talking about. This will help brands establish as the best destinations when it comes to making a purchase decision.

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