How Artificial Intelligence Can be Used for Improving Brand Image

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, December 01, 2020

The companies can utilize artificial intelligence to enhance brand management because it can improve customer experience and protect online reputation.

FREMONT, CA: Generally, a brand defines a company, like who they are and how the customers distinguish them from others. It means the marketing and product managers must work closely so that they can protect the entire brand value.  Brand management is all about positioning, crafting, sustaining, defining, and ensuring a better brand reputation. Therefore, the role of brand management is extremely crucial as it helps companies influence purchasing behavior by assuring the clients that the company values them and achieving customer loyalty.

Today companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) for various reasons, and they can use this technology to improve the company's brand value. AI can enhance customer experience, safeguard online reputation, monitor brand reputation, and enhance brand engagement.

The impact of AI in brand management

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According to the researchers, the demand for the global AI market will increase due to its various advantages in industries. The utilization of AI has helped in changing several sectors, which even includes the brands' management.

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The two leading global brands that have shifted their focus in AI research are Microsoft and Google. They are trying to change their main user service platforms by implementing AI. All this information suggests that AI is an important technology that will help to enhance the company's brand.

Here are some of the ways AI can help in improving brand management:

AI helps provide a seamless customer experience

Most of the companies are shifting their focus towards brand management with the help of enhanced customer experience. The organizations are doing this because happy customers will definitely promote the brand. With the enhanced customer experience, the business can develop the art of customer loyalty management. A positive brand reputation also helps to improve the growth of the company. AI can offer businesses a smooth customer experience by interpreting human emotions, speech and voice recognition, and predicting consumer behavior.

AI helps monitor online reputation

Nowadays, online customers review social media posts, sites, and word of mouth. These can either make the company's reputation or break is important for the companies to analyze and monitor the client's discussions on the platforms and ensure to respond to it accordingly. It will help them to safeguard their online reputation. Artificial intelligence will help organizations to protect their online presence and accomplish better brand management by allowing product managers and brand managers to perform extensive analysis and research.

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