How AI and Big Data Help Brands Manage Their Online Reputation

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Saturday, October 09, 2021

Businesses looking at online reputation management techniques can use AI and big data as efficient catalysts.

FREMONT, CA: Marketers today focus their efforts on the management of online ratings and reviews. However, online reputation management has a wider focus beyond covering the reviews and ratings. For instance, there is hardly a brand out there that doesn't face the customers' issues. Therefore, brands need to analyze and follow what customers are sharing on different platforms to respond to boost their online reputation. This proves the importance of investing in advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence( AI) and big data. Here is how.

Top 10 MarTech Consulting/Service Startups - 2019Historically, online reputation management was defined as more of an art than science. Therefore, brands tapped on Public Relations experts to drive online reputation management. These conventional practices have been replaced with big data and AI today. With big data and AI, brands are no longer assuming what people think about their brand. Through AI and big data analytics, firms can tap into millions of social media posts, online communications, and mentions to determine what their customers think about their products and services.

AI plays a leading role in monitoring social networking platforms and other customer review forums. Social sharing continues to enhance across different platforms. As a result, brands face an issue when it comes to monitoring what customers are saying on these platforms. With the overwhelming feedback and reviews that brands receive, it is important to have an advanced monitoring tool. This ensures that the company's reputation is not harmed online. The AI algorithms can identify a customer who is complaining about the services received and, at the same time, can be used to identify positive comments from the customers.

For a business to guard against reputation damage due to poor customer service, it is vital to invest in Chatbots and other AI tools. A chatbot is powered by rules and AI to aid in customer interaction. The chatbots perform automated tasks and therefore are essential in delivering customer service.

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