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By Martech Outlook | Monday, April 29, 2019

CONTENT MARKETINGContent marketing, on an average, shores up around 25 percent of a marketing budget. Many marketers think quality vs. quantity debate is unrealistic. But the whole process of better content marketing relies on these two buzz words. For most of the brands, it’s likely that content quality will be impacted due to rise in content generation without quality checks.  But in some instances, brands that are developing high volumes of content can attain good grade in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

How content quantity impacts content marketing?

The content that's published on each website or blog will create an opportunity to appear on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) which leads to the generation of a higher percentage of traffic coming from organic searches within frequent intervals of time. But sometimes, there will be a chance of losing search benefits, if the published content is poor.

With a high volume of content, a brand can be able to send more information or data to its users, and also it can promote more services using social media posts.

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How content quality impacts content marketing?

In content marketing, sometimes quality takes higher priority than quantity. Creation of content with high quality is one of the essential requirements for an organization. Developing Quality content is more advantageous in creating a positive impression among users.

Promoting the brand content with high traffic can create revolutionary changes in content marketing of an organization. In addition, if the quality of content is right even though the quantity of content is less then also there will be opportunities to promote the brand goals.

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With the ultimate balance on both the quality and quantity of content can optimize the whole content marketing process. The appropriate mixture of these two can yield better productive results.

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