Billups Rides the Waves of OOH with its Exceptional Adtech Offerings!

By MarTech Outlook | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Rick Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer

The out-of-home sector has enabled organizations to move their campaigns beyond the antiquated approaches and ensure greater consumer engagement.

FREMONT, CA: Among the tech companies that have made the out-of-home (OOH) industry what it is today, the contributions of Billups are exceptional. Since its inception, the company has evolved into a premier adtech solution provider empowering its clients with robust digital solutions. The demand in the markets reveals a dramatic increase in the OOH inventory, with the conventional vinyl boards being replaced by digital ones.

The OOH sector has witnessed significant growth, with a four percent growth in revenue over the last nine-year period, even as television, radio, magazine, and newspaper segments decline. For instance, the Sunset Strip sees over 200,000 digital impressions a week, when compared to 500,000 in Times Square.

Rick Robinson, the chief strategy officer at Billups, said, “We work with over 300 brands and agencies, and I have never heard anybody say ‘I don’t like out-of-home.’ They all love it. And I don’t know an art director who doesn’t love out-of-home and doesn’t want to see their work up on the streets.”

The developments in the OOH sector show a growing level of sophistication that goes beyond billboards. The technology is not only welcomed by organizations but OOH vendors as well. With the inception of 3D billboards, the industry is moving beyond the traditional norms. Rather than viewing it as an obstacle, competing vendors have the opportunity to surpass their boundaries. If there is a technology which can stop people in their tracks, then it is a technology worth investing.

Recently in an interview with Marketing Tech Outlook, Benjamin Billups, the Billups Founder and CEO, said, “What digitization brings to the table is accountability. And we are uniquely positioned to redefine traditional OOH and DOOH advertising using a combination of technologies, including computer vision, AI, machine learning, and location observation, as the foundation.”

Billups ensures that marketers, brands, and advertising agencies no longer have to depend on outdated approaches. The company not only possesses unique expertise in the OOH field but also specializes in equipping organizations with in-depth knowledge. The robust platform facilitated by the company integrates automation, geospatial insights, and advanced reporting to provide enhanced capabilities to its customers.

The marketplace forecasts a crossover between channels, with OOH ads being captured on social media pictures. The developments in technology have enabled marketers to measure the impact of their digital events by monitoring the behavior of viewers. When marketers are seeking safe and secure environments for their campaigns, the OOH ecosystem has emerged as an optimal contender, and there are not many providers able to match the offerings of Billups. Its contributions to the OOH industry spurred the Marketing Outlook Magazine to name it as one of the Top 10 Ad Management Solution Providers-2019.”

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