4 Ways Google Marketing Platform Can Help Transform Businesses

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, February 08, 2021

Businesses can easily adapt to changing customer behavior with the help of the Google Marketing Platform.

FREMONT, CA: This year has shown that what the future has in store can be challenging to foresee. It's a chance to talk about how the company should plan for whatever comes next as they approach 2021. Here are some ways to help companies adapt to changing customer behavior and boost the campaigns' ROI through the Google Marketing Platform.

The future of measurement with the innovative Google Analytics

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Information from digital analytics tools is crucial with more commerce going online, and companies under increased pressure to make each marketing dollar count. They launched the latest Google Analytics to help the companies get the critical insights they require for the future. At its core, it has machine learning to automatically generate valuable insights and give them a deeper understanding of the clients across devices and platforms. It is design-centered on privacy so that companies can depend on Analytics even as market changes, such as cookie and identifier constraints, create gaps in the data.

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Restructure workflows with Campaign Manager 360

With consumer demand constantly evolving, companies need to move quickly to reach customers with appropriate messages. This is why the investment in ads with Campaign Manager 360 is growing. Connections with Google products like Display & Video 360 and third parties allow the teams to work more efficiently through purchasing and measurement.

Reach consumers with Display & Video 360

People are streaming more video and audio material than ever before. In Display & Video 360, they have added new audio capabilities to help users meet these audiences, optimize the production of audio ads, and make it easier to find the appropriate audio inventory for the brand. In Display & Video 360, they have also launched new tools to expand the brand with linked TV and digital video.

Meet user privacy expectations with new data controls

Better standards for user privacy and data security have been set by increasing customer preferences and changing industry regulations. It has prompted many organizations to rethink how their marketing data is handled. They also implemented new ways of monitoring how data is used in Google Analytics and new conversion calculation options while complying with user consent choices for ads and cookies for analytics.

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