What are the Advantages of Google Analytics?

Martech Outlook | Friday, December 31, 2021

Google Analytics can help to track the consumers to collect valuable information so that it can be used to offer better service.

FREMONT, CA: Web analytics includes the collection, analysis, and measurement of the website data. The web analytics tools can offer numerous useful information about the source of website traffic, how website users navigate and interact through a website, what content and the web page they are engaged with, and how they exit the site.

Analytics tools

Today, there are many analytics tools available in the market. Few of these tools are free, and some of them need a paid subscription. The paid analytics products and free analytics products are different in terms of features, functionality, and support. Here are some of the examples of analytics packages that are available in the market.

• Adobe analytics

• Kissmetrics

• Piwik

• Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360, which are part of the Google Marketing Platform

• Woopra

• Webtrends

Google Analytics (GA)

The most popularly utilized analytics program is the free version of the Google Analytics ore GA. The paid version of GA is known as Google Analytics 360, provides some extra functions in terms of sample sizes and report validity. But most of the time, it is used for websites that get almost ten million-page views per month.
For most of the websites, the free version of Google Analytics is ideal because of its functions and widespread adoption in the market. Most marketers see Google Analytics as the single source of truth for website traffics, conversion data, and engagement.

Google Analytics can also be utilized for tracking the user or consumer and offer rich data about the channels, devices, and locations used by them. The journeys can be tracked with the help of on-site activities, goals accomplished, and exit points.

Benefits of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best choice for marketing requirements. Here some of the advantages of the free version of it:

• It is easy to apply and install

• It provides customizable reports, data collection, and dashboards

• It offers seamless integration with other Google products

• It offers extensive valuable insights into web behavior

• It is free

• It has a user-friendly interface

• Basic and advanced options are available

• It offers post-click integration with non-Google traffic sources, which includes Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook

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