3 Ways Email Marketing can be Paired with Chatbot

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Chatbots working together with email marketing can make sure that every lead is attended and every marketing effort is supplemented. 

FREMONT, CA: The email has been around for several decades. But now the trend sways with augmenting chatbots to email marketing. Making marketing more intelligent and dynamic, email marketing, in conjunction with chatbots, sets the way open for not only innovation, but also an array of opportunities leading to success. Using an email alongside a chatbot can significantly improve brands’ marketing efforts and provide better-qualified leads through the nurturing of relationships. Here are three ways in which email and chatbots can work together.

Email List Subscription

This is one of the easiest strategies to implement chatbot in email marketing because the goal is to get new leads to sign up for the email list. Once the conversation is triggered, the chatbot can ask for a few details of consumers in addition to their email address. Then, all of the information is transferred to the email database where a brand can access this information and use it for sending marketing emails. This is an easy way to grow subscribers and extend the reach of email marketing.

Lead Nurturing

Top Marketing Analytics Solution CompaniesFor a majority of purchases, customers often take time to reflect and research options before buying. If a product has a longer purchase cycle, the brand can use lead nurturing to give leads a nudge in the right direction. Using email marketing and chatbots together in the lead nurturing allows the brand to address the conversation from two fronts email and chatbot.

Online Purchases

Chatbots can be set up to handle online purchases. If a customer already has an account, then the process can be as simple as selecting products they want to buy and confirming delivery and payment details from their account via chatbots. Emails confirm the purchase details, notify customers for shipping information, and verify delivery. These emails can also serve to communicate other marketing efforts, such as special offers and loyalty programs. While email marketing nurtures leads, chatbots provide instant answers and help to drive potential customers through the buying journey.

Chatbots present an excellent opportunity of opening up a new channel with customers to develop better relationships. Using them in conjunction with email marketing will ensure that customers are satisfied and overall performance of marketing campaigns are improved.

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