3 Marketing Automation Tools Instrumental in a Marketers Growth

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 12, 2022

With the marketing industry moving toward automation, the adoption of marketing automation can free up the marketers and focus on more critical aspects.

Fremont, CA: On adopting marketing automation technology, a company can substantially free up a marketer's time and allow them to concentrate on more critical revenue building projects. These tools can help automate numerous repetitive tasks like emails, campaign management, website analysis, and social media marketing. Furthermore, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is also playing a vital role in bolstering marketing automation technology and helping to drive the adoption of technology among companies. Marketers have to choose their marketing automation tools wisely considering the usability, ease of integration, pricing, capabilities around email, content, ecommerce, social media, CRM, and sales competencies. Here are the top three Marketing Automation tools for marketers.


  Top 10 Marketing Automation Solution Companies - 2019A multi-functional cloud-based marketing automation software Marketo enables businesses to drive revenue with lead management and mobile marketing. It is specially designed for enterprises; the tool provides real-time personalization to offer personalized messaging across marketing channels, customer engagement marketing, and marketing management functionality, including budgeting tools and marketing calendars. The key features include a web-based email marketing platform, automates marketing campaigns, offers lead generation, and engages the customer in a personal, identifies customers and enhances revenue, and so on.


A full-featured marketing automation tool that allows companies to streamline their marketing and sales teams by accelerating pipelines and drive sales through email marketing, lead generation, social marketing, and provides sales intelligence. Its customers find the product easy to use, and its interface guides them to build campaigns. The key features enable the customer to create dynamic and comprehensive marketing campaigns, offer a customizable dashboard to track and measure campaigns, identify gaps in campaigns before it is launched, and so on.


Boasting numerous features and integrations, Activecampaign can be described as a powerhouse email marketing software with automation as its key feature. Not only does ActiveCampaigns provide autoresponders, but it also automates a customer's contacts, list management, and its CRM system. Additionally, the tool also tracks website visits, various events of the customer, and, on that basis, provide real-time analysis. Its key features are dynamic email content depending upon customer behavioral analysis, interests, social data and so on, online support and live chat support is available but on-call support is unavailable, and it automatically fetches contacts and adds new contacts from various platforms such as CRM and ecommerce.

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