Blending Marketing Automation with a Personalized Touch

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 01, 2020


Most of the business organizations find it challenging to personalize customer experiences. As marketing drives sales and productivity of the business, entrepreneurs are adopting various marketing automation strategies and software solutions. Technology plays an active role in modernizing global marketing conventions: tedious cold calling and blind pitching are no more in practice. However, shooting automated mailers, chatbot assistance, and other marketing automation strategies may lose out on customizing replies or designing services according to customer preferences. Personalization acts as a weapon to create a positive impression in the minds of the buyers and win the hearts of the customers. Realizing that the primary goal of marketing is to establish a strong relationship with the customers, sellers are looking for possible ways to merge marketing technology and human touch. See how!    

• Adopting the trend of persona-based messaging

Automated email marketing strategies help in shooting emails to a large number of customers in a single shot. These emails are mostly generalized. However, the new marketing hack helps personalize the messages. By using simple coding ideas like a variable name tag serves the purpose. In this way, customers feel that the electronic letter is specially and particularly drafted for them. 

• Customizing assistance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes use of advanced data memorization algorithms, which help in offering customer-specific services. As chatbots aid in continuous customer support features, AI-based personalization tools navigates through the customer data and crafts exclusive responses and services based on customer preferences and choices.  

• Building a personal-professional rapport

If a market lead accepts the business offer that is requested by the organization, sales automation can give a tinge of personalization to this conversation by delegating one of the sales representatives to get in touch with the customer personally.

Recreating the marketing parables business strategists have introduced a range of techniques to personalize audience-reaching methods to let your customers know that they are valued. Considering leads and customers to be the most significant asset businesses are migrating to personalized marketing strategies.   

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