3 Key Trends in Marketing Analytics

By Martech Outlook | Friday, February 14, 2020

The influence of advancements in technology and increasing demands from marketers will influence the evolution of marketing analytics solutions.

FREMONT, CA: In order to determine whether or not an effort is working, marketers need to be able to measure it. Marketing analytics allows marketers to gather the information that they need to find high-fit leads and create a lasting foundation for growing business. With the proliferation of innovative technologies, there are new trends in marketing analytics. Some expected developments that are about to be impactful in marketing analytics are discussed here.

AI-backed Tools

The role of marketing analytics in delivering insights for marketers will expand with the growing prowess of artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI-backed tools will be introduced into marketing and provide marketers with multi-perspective ideas. Perceiving the market and customer demands is central to marketing, and with analytics models becoming better, marketers will have access to accurate data that will boost marketing outcomes.

Excellent Processing Speeds

Just having insights is not enough for marketers in this modern world. Those insights must be real-time. Marketers expect a marketing analytics tool to have excellent processing speeds so that the vast volume of data is analyzed rapidly. This empowers marketers to enhance decision-making. The real value of actionable insights can be leveraged when marketing analytics solutions are fast enough.

Online and Offline Approach

Marketing has become a demanding task, owing to the diversification of marketing channels. Both offline and online channels require different approaches from marketing perspectives. However, marketers expect a marketing analytics tool to be comprehensive enough to deliver insights across both categories. Thus, the demand for versatile marketing analytics solutions will be a significant factor.

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