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Soren Bang Poulsen, Senior Partner, Kunde & CoSoren Bang Poulsen, Senior Partner
Digitalization has led to customers across the globe having access to the same information through various digital channels. Herein lies an opportunity for brands to tailor their communication by actively listening to their core audience. Customers’ digital behavior provides a vast majority of data in these digital channels and can be a key in formulating a consistent message and tonality across channels with two things in mind: customers and business. Even though conceptual creativity plays a vital role in communicating the brand message, amalgamation of understanding of the customers and creativity can help in drafting effective communication. “Most successful companies or agencies are not necessarily the ones that are able to exercise the digital solutions, but the ones that manage to translate customer understanding into digital solutions,” says Soren Bang Poulsen. That’s what Kunde & Co. delivers to its clients.

For more than 30 years, Kunde & Co. have been consulting their clients to find their unique voice based on a deep understanding of the client’s customer segments. Their consistent growth over the years, Poulsen, Senior Partner of Kunde & Co., believes it is due to their consulting mindset and business driven approach for deeper cooperation with the clients in winning the market on the digital platforms along with applying deep business research and analytics from all the disciplines within digitalization. They have been focussed on the commercial perspective of marketing and advertising since the inception of the company.

To do so, Poulsen lays emphasis on the need to go beyond their own experience and deep dive into the client’s industry and their target group. Leveraging data mining and data analysis tools, such as Google Analytics as well as listening tools like Meltwater, Kunde & Co collects information on a client’s customer journey. This information becomes the basis of the deep research on the customer target groups, thereby helping the company to re-engineer client’s various digital services like digital platforms and destinations, web solutions or apps.

We are the marketing agency that connects the dots on the total marketing strategy and binds together different disciplines in one unified marketing strategy, plan and execution

Customer segmentation is another area where the company helps its clients in mapping the core customers in various digital platforms.

Further, the company employs marketing automation platforms like Salesforce and Adobe to build larger loyalty programmes for the client’s customers. Kunde & Co.’s social media team is integrated in all their work to bring more engagement based on the latest trends and drive traffic to websites. “Fundamentally, we are the marketing agency that connects the dots on the total marketing strategy and binds together different disciplines in one unified marketing strategy, plan and execution,” says Poulsen.

Kunde & Co. defines the communication platforms and formats to engage with a given target group. They seed the content to deliver high engagement and stay time on the content. Contrary to the popular belief that content and messages must be short and crisp, Poulsen believes that the success of the content entirely depends on the ability to be relevant and must be a reflection of the understanding of the customer segment. Since the engagement is high, the likelihood of converting prospects into customers becomes higher as well. For one of the clients, the company was able to deliver 10x higher engagement for the same media spend in 2021 as the year before with another agency. “It all tied up in our ability to understand the clients and also the customers at a much deeper level and able to translate that into digital communication solutions,” says Poulsen.

It is apparent that digitalization is playing a bigger role and Kunde & Co. has been able to crack the code in their go to market strategy. The company now aims at helping its clients in their sustainability endeavour who have a broader audience in consideration. In addition, these clients are international and multinational organizations who are really challenged in the internal communication, and Kunde & Co. is helping them bring a “We” feeling in their employees who are situated in various geographies by furnishing digital solutions for employee loyalty, employee understanding and employee commitment.

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Kunde & Co

Kunde & Co

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Soren Bang Poulsen, Senior Partner

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