Intelisent: A personalized, proprietary approach to personalization

Mark Mandell, President & CEO  Carrie Murray, Chief Marketing Officer Ellen Pedersen, Vice President, Business Solutions & Technology, IntelisentMark Mandell, President & CEO Carrie Murray, Chief Marketing Officer Ellen Pedersen, Vice President, Business Solutions & Technology
Here’s a common situation for many of us:You’re a marketer and know eight million households could use your product. You suspect only 500,000 of them can be persuaded to switch, and only 250,000 would be considered financially valuable to your organization. How will you get to them? Enter Intelisent.

Here’s how they do it.

Intelisent marries big data, creative strategies, and cutting-edge technology to help clients quickly see what’s in it for them using deeply personalized approaches. From journey mapping to persona development to customized message strategies to delivery efficiencies, Intelisent applies data science to discover the insights and nuances that reveal the highest propensity prospects as well as how, when and what to say to each individual in a truly personal way. After all, knowing that meaningful personalization is what separates good marketers from great ones.

Bringing “Personalization” to life.

“For us, it’s not a shift. It’s what we’ve always done,” CEO Mark Mandell points out. “We combine online and offline data with our proprietary personalization engine to create truly personal relationships with prospects and clients,” Mandell points out.

The company primarily caters to clients across highly regulated industries such as finance, banking, insurance, and healthcare, where user data is incredibly sophisticated and sensitive.

“Our approach to personalization takes into consideration who people are, their needs, their buying decisions, where they are in the consideration cycle, what kinds of things have they been interested in or looking at, and how that changed over time,” says CMO, Carrie Murray. “That’s when meaningful conversations happen, and consumers feel like you really know them.

”With top-tier talent in strategy, data science, creative development, business solutions consulting, production technologies and a cutting-edge engineering and print production shop, there’s no challenge Intelisent isn’t set up to meet. “It isn’t enough to have incredible talent across the board,” says Mandell. “The real power is when all of that talent collaborates in real time and at every stage in the process. Data Science is in the room with Marketing Strategy. Print production is part of creative development, not just an execution function.

”The Message Factory: Intelisent’s proprietary advantage.

The Message Factory is Intelisent’s proprietary, tech based data mining and personalization engine. It aggregates data from online and offline datasets and can deliver billions of personalized messages across multiple channels and prospect segments, with the ability to publish regardless of the platform ultimately used by clients. “This automation of direct and online messaging is done in a highly scalable way that’s measurable and repeatable. That helps minimize the potential for human error, identify what works and what doesn’t, and quickly optimize messaging for better results,” says Ellen Pedersen, VP of Business Solutions. Also feeding into The Message Factory is Intelisent’s in-house, third party database of 275 million US households, each with thousands of personal data attributes. Clients can source that data directly from Intelisent, without forging a separate relationship with external 3rd party data providers.

We blend online and offline personalization using various data sources that makes marketing campaign more cost effective and important for businesses

A snapshot of Intelisent in action.

The client, a well-known brand already engaged in sophisticated, data-driven personalization, came to Intelisent looking for ways to expand its target population and segmentation. “After integrating the client’s internal customer database with various on and offline sources, we ran a series of analyses and discovered promising but untapped prospect segments, with clear attributes we could message against,” says Mandell. Intelisent’s Marketing Strategy, Creative and Data Sciences teams worked with the client to create a simple yet sophisticated prospecting program with insight driven solutions that reach millions of individuals monthly. The program has outperformed expectations in the number, quality, and conversion of high value prospects.

Campaign delivery, including print production, bring it all together.

A high tech, in-house print production facility is unique among sophisticated marketing agencies. But the way Intelisent sees it, innovations in printing technologies are just as important to successful campaigns as personalization and segmentation. “Printing isn’t an afterthought,” says Pedersen, “there are many instances where production innovation has helped creative stand out in the mailbox.” It can also reduce cost and complexity when clients get end-to-end marketing solutions from a single source.

“Modern marketing is increasingly complex, and we will continue to invest in people who love what they do, best of breed technology, air tight security systems and a real time collaborative environment,” Mandell promises.

The sense you get is that this is an organization that has the data, technology, expertise, and experience to successfully activate personalization that drives real business value. But what really stands out is the fact that they’re truly passionate about the collaboration that brings it all together for their clients.

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Mark Mandell, President & CEO Carrie Murray, Chief Marketing Officer Ellen Pedersen, Vice President, Business Solutions & Technology

The company brings to the table a unique blend of strategic thinking, data analytics, creative services, process optimization, and production technologies to drive marketing excellence