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James Meyers, Head of MarTech Strategy, ActionIQJames Meyers, Head of MarTech Strategy
In today’s data-driven digital era, enterprises are continually striving to optimize customer experiences by maximizing the value of customer data. But rigid application platforms and data silos make this easier said than done. This is precisely why New York-based ActionIQ is focused on helping organizations assemble, analyze and activate their data to create the best customer experiences (CX) across all brand touchpoints.

“The core DNA of ActionIQ is breaking down the technical complexities and barriers to data, intelligence and customer experience orchestration,” said James Meyers, Head of MarTech Strategy at ActionIQ.

“In order to craft the most frictionless, personalized CX, businesses need a complete picture of their target audiences — and the ability to take action on it. Such a picture can only be derived when the company has a unified view of its customer profiles scattered and siloed across multiple departments like marketing, sales and customer support. This data has to be democratized and made available outside of technical teams. Moreover, brands have to not just unify and analyze customer data, but operationalize it into personalized experiences,” added Myers.

ActionIQ supplies valuable insights to brands at every stage of the customer journey to help them achieve the ultimate goal of optimal customer experience. ActionIQ has adopted a transparent predictive model for customers, which allows the company to comprehend the reasons behind a particular conclusion. Such a model effectively builds trust in the outputs of predictive models and helps brands apply them across channels with confidence.

ActionIQ’s tailored tools for customer-specific needs differentiate it from competitors in the market. One such example is the usage of a single data source of truth that helps ActionIQ achieve one of the highest customer retention rates in the market. Unlike its competitors, ActionIQ abstains from imposing multiple data sources upon their customers.
Separate data source for segmentation, analytics and customer experience orchestration increase integration costs and elevate workflow efficiency costs. And with its customizable and flexible platform, ActionIQ enables organizations to use best-of-breed technology for all functions within their marketing technology stack.

The ActionIQ team understands what a game-changer it is for marketers to truly understand their customers’ daily needs. In this regard, customer data platforms (CDP) are the next generation of marketing technology, allowing business users, IT professionals and data analysts to make the most of all available customer data and insights by transforming them into personalized customer experiences. CDPs unify data, establish a 360-degree customer perspective and democratize access to it across marketing, sales and customer service teams. However, unlike most vendors, ActionIQ’s CDP allows the client to keep their data within their own systems, i.e. Customer 360, thus ensuring proper governance and security to the enterprise. Personalization also ensures better audience engagement to generate more revenue for the client.
  • The core DNA of ActionIQ is breaking down the technical complexities and barriers to data, intelligence and customer experience orchestration

ActionIQ also enables customers to engage in advanced segmentation to achieve better personalization, thereby improving audience targeting. ActionIQ’s proprietary computing engine, built with an open-source backbone, provides customers with unlimited computation capacity to support the most complex customer queries. Equipping organizations with such sophisticated computing models enhances efficiency and reduces the cost of implementing them. ActionIQ’s consumption based pricing model is uniquely cost-efficient because it means customers only pay for queries they use.

ActionIQ is on a mission to increase its global footprint beyond its thriving presence in North America and Europe. With ActionIQ’s user-friendly interface, an industry-leading customer success team and an innovative research and development, the company is poised to launch new CX solutions that will help it reach the zenith of success in terms of marketing technology.
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New York, NY

James Meyers, Head of MarTech Strategy

ActionIQ revolutionizes the way brands think about customer experience, digital transformation and the value of customer data as a core corporate asset. We solve enterprise data challenges and empower companies to create superior customer experiences across all brand touchpoints. The ActionIQ Customer Experience Hub (CX Hub) is an extensible hub powered by a customer data platform (CDP) upon which an open ecosystem of packaged use-case-oriented applications built for business users to operationalize timely, consistent, and personalized customer experiences across every touchpoint.