HigherVisibility: Offering a Better Online Visibility

“Consumers no longer use the yellow pages to find businesses; they go online,” writes Adam Heitzman, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, HigherVisibility, in a blog titled ‘Local SEO Checklist.’ In the world of keywords and Google Rankings, SEO has evolved the winning internet marketing strategy as an aide to organizations struggling to be visible to their customers. Recognizing this new-fangled trend in 2008, Heitzman along with David McElveen laid the cornerstone for HigherVisibility to provide marketing and SEO services for businesses online, delivering visible results to clients across the country.

A leading internet marketing company, HigherVisibility offers consulting services for SEO, social media marketing, pay-per click marketing, and also assists organizations in building and designing rich websites. The firm helps clients with their proven SEO techniques and online marketing strategies for improved businesses outcomes. With Heitzman directing the team, HigherVisibility’s strategies have helped businesses, large and small, reach in-market consumers, and make an impact on their business bottom line. HigherVisibility’s customers gain in-depth awareness about innovative search strategies, while choosing the right methodology for their businesses to succeed.

Ranging from on-page content optimization to quality link-building, HigherVisibility offers various optimization strategies for superior search rankings. The process involves analysis of a website to ensure that the pages are content-rich, after which top-searched keywords pertaining to the particular industry are embedded in the website. Tailor-made strategies and laser-focused keyword-targeting are some of the key highlights of HigherVisibility’s search engine optimization techniques. The firm’s local search ranking strategies including schema markup, Name Address Phone (NAP) data, and localized keyword optimization ensure that search engines get the complete organizational information for better website visibility. Focusing on effective ranking, HigherVisibility’s local map optimization makes the clients more visible by completing profiles, claiming missing listings, encouraging reviews, and standardizing NAP.

The on-page optimization allows a search engine to understand a website and get potential customers

Since Google’s local ranking algorithms play a prominent role in business listing citations, the firm also builds references from well-established and authoritative portals.

HigherVisibility’s franchise SEO services in particular include on-page optimization, off-page optimization, as well as comprehensive reporting to improve the visibility of organic search rankings of client website. Whereas, the pay-per click advertising allows businesses to grow their customer-base cost effectively. The on-page optimization allows a search engine to understand a website and get potential customers, whereas in off-page optimization, the HigherVisibility team customizes a link-building strategy focused on delivering real value through targeted outreach, authoritative industry resources, and effective content marketing. Utilizing various research tools and tactics that HigherVisibility has developed, they also find reliable websites in the client industry that may offer a link-building opportunity.

Yet another feature from HigherVisibility is the comprehensive and transparent reporting dashboard that provides a detailed report of link-building information and website traffic among others. The client dashboard shows a complete and updated search position screenshot that includes keyword ranking and website ranking reports. The dashboard can also be integrated with Google Analytics to give the client access to important SEO campaign information. As an effort to help digital enterprises stay in line with the paradigm shift from paper to ‘the web,’ HigherVisibility engages in constant research and testing to find techniques that help organizations stay on top of the ever-evolving online industry.