Acronym: Intent-Based Marketing Innovators

Anton Konikoff, Founder & Global CEO, AcronymAnton Konikoff, Founder & Global CEO
It all started in the mid 1990s when Anton Konikoff, a young Russian student studying business and marketing in the U.S., had a vision of how to make companies stand out better in the World Wide Web, even before Google was born. Konikoff, a thought-leader in the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) space, founded Acronym with a unique approach of leveraging keywords to define web search. Back then, while many search agencies had their prime focus on the quantity of information to grow their clientele, Acronym focused its services on the quality and depth of its client relationships. Along with these deep-seated relationships, keyword intelligence made its entry to the world of search marketing.

As the present epoch is filled with users browsing for valuable information about various products every minute from every nook and corner of the world, new-fangled online channels are rapidly gaining momentum. For efficacious search, Konikoff studied user intent by linking the dots from the keyword to the customer, thereby obliterating the barriers users encounter during web search. Acronym’s intent-based marketing solutions unify technology and human inventiveness to assist enterprise brands control customer intelligence and maximize their ROI. The firm’s intent-based solutions such as SEO, paid search, social media, and digital analytics create tailored experiences to deliver improved results and smarter marketing campaigns.

Acronym spearheads intent-based solutions via SEO, helping discover options where others merely distinguish data. “We do not have layers and layers of management, by design,” explains Konikoff. The idea was to keep the atmosphere creative where people can generate ideas and work. As a distinguishing factor, the firm develops an SEO scorecard that identifies loopholes in the search content.

We do not have layers and layers of management, by design

Alongside, Acronym’s Keyword Objects (KO) SEO technology platform keeps track of all the minute details in every single search phrase and the number of site visitors. The firm then studies the patterns customers use for searching, the page they browsed, the path they traveled, their target information, and the downloaded materials. In a nutshell, Acronym learns about customer intent, which is the prime factor in getting customers to the clients more rapidly. The firm’s paid social strategy accelerates the growth of clients’ existing social content and promotes targeted pages and content within the social spaces relevant to the clients’ customers.

Furthermore, the KO SEO platform built Enterprise Search Intelligence for enterprise brands by integrating with analytics and unconstrained data source integration. The firm helps clients dominate over the increasing share of voice, search engine results pages, through the continuous intelligence gathering. This in turn promotes actionable insights easier from the intricate, multi-tiered search marketing campaigns—giving a rich source of customer intelligence.

“We are going through a dramatic period of rapid innovation with our technology platform and are launching new unique offerings that expand our service portfolio for enterprise-level search,” says Konikoff. Acronym has introduced Mobile SEO by combining the concept of mobile and local search optimization into one initiative. As customers are searching for a particular content from various locations, Mobile SEO is designed to ensure that a brand is highlighted regardless of how the audience is searching. In the coming years, Acronym will empower its customer base and become a renowned usability consulting, and deep-dive analytics company.