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Kevin Boyce, Higher LogicKevin Boyce, CEO
Every marketing team’s goal is to generate new customer leads, appreciate their value, and convert them into lifetime assets which can further create new customer leads. However, digitization has changed the way customers behave and stay connected using social media applications. Businesses realize that bridging the gap between marketing teams and customers using effective interaction platform is critical for the growth of the company. Understanding these needs, Higher Logic, an industry leader in cloud-based engagement platform, uses its data-driven approach to provide businesses the opportunity to capture, convert, and measure the engagement with its customers. Higher Logic performs these functions with the aid of an online community formed by the customers of its clients. “Higher Logic has worked hard to build a platform that enables users to interact and communicate with their customers. It allows users to harness the power of customer-to-customer engagement,” says Kevin Boyce, CEO of Higher Logic.

Higher Logic’s platform integrates the online community of customers, along with the features of an automated marketing system. To build an online community, Higher Logic offers a built-in workflow in its platform that follows each member’s community lifecycle journey. The activity of the members is tracked regularly and rewarded with badges or ribbons. This method helps in building a good network of users which can be analyzed to understand the future marketing target points and audience Besides, Higher Logic has a unique member retention strategy incorporated into its automated marketing platform, giving it an edge over its competitors.

Higher Logic has worked hard to build a platform that enables users to interact and communicate with their customers. It offers users harness the power of customer-to-customer engagement

Higher Logic defies the traditional approach of generically blasting emails to its community of users before a specific event, by using more advanced technology to group users based on various criteria. For example, when a membership renewal email gets blasted to its customers, conventional systems do not consider factors such as login time and usage. This way of functioning makes it difficult for companies to identify customers in danger of discontinuing their service. By building an online community of customers, Higher Logic can track the activities of the users and follow what the requirements of the customers are. By segmenting customers based upon their usage of service, the company can design targeted marketing campaigns to fulfill the customer’s needs and retain service to the same.

Higher Logic offers the option of creating custom and automated marketing campaigns as it provides Adobe’s creative tools. These are a reliable source of templates which helps those who are new to designing. Higher Logic also provides tracking, reporting, and analytical reports, elaborating on the insights and trends extracted from the marketing channels. These even include insights from various social media platforms which are integrated into Higher Logic’s platform. Further, Higher Logic’s automated marketing platform is directly integrated into the users’ CRM or AMS, building a two-way exchange of marketing data. Higher Logic is a complete solution to track and manage interactions along each stage of digital customer experience. Organizations all over the world use Higher Logic’s platform to bring people together, provide a home for communication, share ideas, answer questions, and stay connected. Everything Higher Logic tries to do is to drive their ultimate goal of helping their clients connect and engage with their members, customers, partners, and advocates.
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Higher Logic

Arlington, VA

Kevin Boyce, CEO

Higher Logic is an industry leader in cloud-based engagement platforms. The firm’s data-driven approach gives organizations an expanded suite of engagement capabilities, including online communities and marketing automation. From the initial web visit to renewal and ongoing engagement, they help track and manage interactions along each stage of the digital customer experience. Organizations worldwide use Higher Logic to bring people all together, by giving their community a home where they can interact, share ideas, answer questions, and stay connected