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Mike Dickerson, CEO, ClickDimensionsMike Dickerson, CEO
Marketing automation is gaining popularity due to its time saving, money managing, and active business scaling abilities. Even though marketing automation is grabbing the eyeballs of businesses, it is not immune to challenges. Scarcity of lead conversion, unengaged customers, marketing inefficiencies, and lack of sales and marketing alignment follows marketing automation. This crisis gives rise to the need for a complete marketing automation solution. To ensure success for marketers, ClickDimensions offers a comprehensive marketing solution, which is solely designed and inherently built within the Microsoft Dynamics environment. ClickDimensions empowers marketers to combine multi-channel marketing automation technology with a variety of services.

The company offers a robust and user-friendly marketing automation platform to increase revenue and provide clients with the necessary support. It helps customers engage leads and sales with features like campaign automation, email marketing, web forms, event management, reporting, survey, and web intelligence lead scoring, landing pages, SMS and social marketing. ClickDimensions leverages top-ranking industry technologies like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and Power BI to establish an ideal marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365. From the very beginning, the company’s solution was designed to allow Microsoft users to achieve more out of their CRM tools via substantial marketing automation mechanism. On converting and engaging the customers, ClickDimensions marketing automation technology enables Microsoft Dynamics users to have access to a feature-rich marketing solution, built inside the CRM.

The company offers services catering to customer requirements from, answering questions to the full execution of campaigns. They have programs to augment services like onboarding and mobile technical support regardless of time and place. Added to that, the company provides support through its product consulting team and has a safe guided academy for training that engulfs all the aspects of the solution.
Understanding the power of marketing automation technology and its security concerns, ClickDimensions gives prime importance to security, privacy, transparency, and compliance. The company offers high uptime and response times, robust security overview complying with GDPR standard, and sub-processors to back their security efforts.

The success story of Arizona REALTORS is a testimony to ClickDimensions’ marketing automation expertise. As one of the most significant professional associations with over 50,000 members, Arizona REALTORS, was struggling to segment audience and communication with its customers efficiently. Arizona REALTORS decided to associate with ClickDimensions to make a change in their marketing technology. The Arizona REALTORS team started revamping their marketing process, starting from segmentation. Simultaneously, the company began to analyze camping results, gather insights to help Arizona REALTORS improve future mailings. The client even grasped marketing technology to overhaul new member onboarding into an automated process, increasing efficiency.
  • ClickDimensions offers a comprehensive marketing solution, which is solely designed and inherently built within the Microsoft Dynamics environment.

Since the genesis of the company in 2010, ClickDimensions has been focused on making Microsoft technology work for marketers. In a market where the need to meet the demands of modern marketers for present and future is necessary, the company aims to provide a full package marketing solution for customers with a higher value. The company has recently started managed marketing service designed to allow marketers to make better sense of automation and mar-tech options available at their disposal. The services include education in the fields of email marketing, campaign automation, SMS, surveys, reporting, and many more. ClickDimensions has expanded its comprehensive marketing platform by acquiring Sweetspot, a leader in the marketing dashboard space. This acquirement will ease access to analyze and optimize campaign channel and revenue-impact performance data. MT
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Mike Dickerson, CEO

Founded in 2010, ClickDimensions is the leading marketing platform for Microsoft Dynamics, with more than 3,700 customers around the globe and a partner network that spans 76 countries today. As The Marketing Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics™, ClickDimensions is redefining how marketers work and attain results with the only unified marketing technology, analytics and services platform in the market – all made exclusively for and natively built within Dynamics