Datasys: Pushing the Boundaries of Data-Driven Marketing

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Adam Mittelberg, Founder, DatasysAdam Mittelberg, Founder
There was a time when crude oil was just a dark, unknown liquid trapped under the rock. But in the 19th century, a few visionaries recognized the hidden potential of the untapped resource, and this paved the way for a trillion-dollar petroleum industry.

Fast forward to the 21st century. Today, data is the new oil of the digital economy.

By tapping into this ‘digital fuel,’ companies can bring extraordinary value to their business outcomes. And to help them ‘mine’ and ‘refine’ this deluge of data, Datasys—a specialist in data-based processes—is offering a broad range of solutions designed to unlock the full potential of data.

As a robust, multi-channel infomediary company with unique and proprietary data and technologies, Datasys is committed to empowering clients through robust digital media and development services. The company specializes in customer acquisition and customer retention programs for national and local brands, using interactive and data-driven marketing campaigns. With a comprehensive team of specialists (data scientists, statisticians, and AI developers), coming from the wide spectrum of ad tech and digital marketing backgrounds, Datasys is equipped to address every unique marketing problem of its clients. The company’s mission is not only to ensure the success of its clients’ campaigns but also facilitating a mutually beneficial relationship for the long haul.

Notably, Datasys assists business organizations struggling to find comprehensive, end-to-end solutions with robust data analytics capabilities. Traditionally, organizations have leveraged multiple siloed solutions to locate data, process it, extract insights, and form digital marketing campaigns.
Just for managing the enormous volume of data, sometimes, a company would seek out two or more third-party vendors. “We solve this problem by utilizing our comprehensive, all-in-one solutions, which are backed by our skilled modelling and data analytics teams, to help our clients streamline the data-based marketing campaigns and reach the ideal audiences without extensive effort,” says Adam Mittelberg, founder of Datasys.

Alongside the holistic approach, another key differentiator for Datasys is its ability to step up from the usual cookie-cutter approach. The company exerts a tailored mindset, understands the varying circumstances and objectives of its clients, and then develops the marketing campaigns accordingly. Moreover, by introducing the clients to some of the industry-leading ad tech functionalities, Datasys ensures that its clients always have the top-notch tools to extract valuable insights from data and execute impactful marketing campaigns that engage their audiences at personalized levels. So, when it comes to data-based marketing campaigns, Datasys is truly a one-stop-shop. The services provided by the company, ranging across programmatic, social media, and email marketing, are designed to give its clients a zoomed-in view of their customers’ behaviors and preferences. Besides, the clients also get access to categorized and filtered data profiles of their key audience pool, which is done through Datasys’ powerful, proprietary matching algorithms. This process of connecting the clients with its audience guarantees maximum ROI.

Continuing on this path of innovation and development, presently, Datasys is preparing to launch a slew of new solutions that will potentially modernize data-driven marketing even further. The company is especially looking to introduce a new class of search originated marketing (SOM) tactics that will revolutionize the future marketing campaigns for its clients. These innovative techniques are poised to empower marketers in expanding their overall search-based marketing strategies.

Needless to say, showcasing such zeal, the company is barely pushing its breaks—even in the face of the pandemic. It is now utilizing remote work and work-from-home functionalities to keep its business engine running. The next step for Datasys is to expand its workspace while also investing in the enhancement of its data utilization capabilities. The company is optimistic about playing a prominent role in changing the trajectory of data-driven marketing. “We are a spirited, entrepreneurial organization constantly looking for ways to drive innovation that will serve our client’s best,” concludes Mittelberg.
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Adam Mittelberg, Founder

Datasys is a multi-channel infomediary with unique data and proprietary technologies committed to providing businesses and consumers with the most valuable digital media and development services. The company’s current operations specialize in customer acquisition and customer retention programs for national and local brands through interactive marketing and electronic and mobile data campaigns. Whether it is helping the clients understand their customer base or addressing their varying data needs, Datasys is truly the one-stop-shop for data-driven marketing