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Bruce Swann, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Cheetah DigitalBruce Swann, Senior Director of Product Marketing
Enterprises desire a state of frictionless engagement with their customers to remove barriers to value, and central to being successful is the channel strategy that they exercise. Eight out of ten digital minutes reside on the mobile phone, and, when interacting with consumers, enterprises must be present in the habitual, native, and preferred environment of their customers. Cheetah Digital focuses precisely on this space, providing a presence on the primary consumer mobile channels of SMS, MMS, Push, Mobile Wallet, email, and Line. Andy Gladwin, Head of Mobile GTM, states, “As customer relationships continue to move from physical to digital, mobile is at the heart of digital transformation and executing an effective mobile strategy using the right cross channel technology is critical to enterprise success in today’s environment.”

Innovative customer engagement solutions company, Cheetah Digital, brings its 20 years of industry experience and technology expertise to help marketers enhance their value in the modern business world. At the core, Cheetah allows marketers to engage their target audience with a unified and consistent brand voice in an omnichannel manner. Marketers can improve business outcomes using highly contextual and personalized messages tailored for particular communication channels while meeting data privacy and integrity regulations.

Being present to inspire customer behaviors in the moments of relevance is a challenge for enterprise marketers, but mobile offer assets can help address this. Cheetah offers marketers gateways to value using mobile solutions when engaging with their customers who are ‘on the go’ and best practice strategies to optimize their application. Texting into a shortcode while making a purchasing decision in-store or simply scanning a QR code on product packaging to delve deeper into the information are examples of opportunities for marketers to engage with their consumers in that moment of value. The immediacy of the mobile channels also equips enterprise marketers to be confident that messages are read in the moments that matter. “With 90 percent of SMS being read within 90 seconds, it offers marketers the opportunity to be scientific when they set campaigns or trigger messages on our platform to maximize their intended impact by being read in the finite moments of relevance,” states Bruce Swann, Senior Director of Product Marketing.

Data Driven Outlook

It is paramount to utilize the data capabilities that the Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite has to offer in order to gain the most benefits from a mobile presence. The ability to effectively collect, manage, and act /on data provides Cheetah Digital’s enterprise customers with an unfair competitive advantage. The use of customer, contextual, and behavioral data provides the foundation for their clients to drive contextual interactions that are relevant, personalized, and impactful.

“This data could identify a brand’s customer with high frequency that is ideal to be encouraged to consider a loyalty program and use their mobile wallet, whereas for a customer with low recency, we could consider gaining preferences and feedback to ensure that they receive more targeted future engagements via their preferred channel,” says Swann.
Andy Gladwin, Head of Mobile GTM

The data lens does not always have to be microscopic to have an impact. For example, a location can be used at a macro level to assess environmental conditions such as weather on the weekend, and then coordinate the appropriate clothing line to promote catering for the localized conditions.

Acquisition and Insights

Cheetah Experiences is a unique solution to gathering customer insights not via third-party data but by directly building a value exchange with customers where customers share insights and preferences in return for content, promotions, or simply a more personalized relationship. This data can then be used to provide more tailored, relevant future interactions, resulting in an increase to customer lifetime value.

Executing an effective mobile strategy using the right cross channel technology is critical to enterprise success in today’s environment

Leveraging mobile capabilities, Cheetah has been able to make these exchanges more compelling using the haptics of the mobile device. As examples, this could be to apply a scratch screen on the mobile to reveal their Black Friday offer or for customers to swipe left/right to select the category of vacation that they hold an interest for and this is then applied to facilitate a more personalized ongoing relationship. “Whether it is a drag, swipe, or press, the result is an enhanced engaging and interactive experience via mobile that drives an increase in conversions and reduction in churn as we aid enterprises to build more meaningful relationships with their customers,” says Gladwin.


McKinsey research reveals that there is a 10-20 percent incremental boost in conversion rates and customer lifetime value when coordinating messages across channels. Cheetah believes that managing a B2C CRM strategy centrally is the only way to be effective, and they offer this via their Customer Engagement Suite. This software unlocks marketers’ ability to manage all aspects of cross channel engagements via a single interface, driving operational and contextual benefits for their enterprise customers. It is not just the centralized technology that helps marketers, Swann highlights, “A key differentiator for Cheetah versus marketing clouds is the in-house services division who are natively expert with our technology and are able to apply the best guidance across all channels in line with overarching business objectives rather than being restricted to a specific channel.”


Gladwin states, “The currency that enterprises use is neither features nor volumes of messages, but business outcomes.” The Cheetah mantra is to work with clients to identify the success metrics that map onto these overarching business objectives and create reporting that helps identify the impact on revenue, cost savings, customer lifetime value, and other business drivers. With the use of their technology and services, Cheetah works alongside customers to optimize performance across all brand touchpoints to drive results for enterprises and maximize return on investment.
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Cheetah Digital

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Bruce Swann, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Andy Gladwin, Head of Mobile GTM

Cheetah Digital is a cross-channel customer engagement solution provider for the modern marketer