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Kevin Myers, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, AiAdvertisingKevin Myers, Chief Product and Marketing Officer On the subject of advertising, Don Draper of Mad Men had this to say: “The greatest thing you have working for you is not the photo you take or the picture you paint. It’s the imagination of the consumer. They have no budget. They have no time limit. And if you can get into that space, your ad can run all day.”

As the time spent online increases and attention spans plummet, designing personalized brand messaging and occupying customer mindspace has become a real challenge for businesses. What they require is the right technology that can automatically process an infinite amount of data and uncover insights, to make marketing smarter and more targeted than ever before.

AiAdvertising, a leading AI-enabled marketing solutions provider, has found the answer to this ubiquitous marketing need. The company’s comprehensive AI advertising platform, the Campaign Performance Platform, collects signals from business and consumer data to determine customer behaviors and interests based on what they read, like, share, and buy online. The data paints a very clear picture of consumers and helps the platform uncover valuable insights and develop audience clusters and dynamic personas. As a result, businesses can have a clear insight into the unique minds of their various customers to create hyper-personalized campaigns that fuel consumer imagination.

“The Campaign Performance Platform is the combination of marketer and machine. It uses highly informed, predicted, and prescribed insights to drive the most creative and personalized messaging and campaigns,” says Kevin Myers, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, AiAdvertising.

Disseminating Data to Highlight Strategies

AiAdvertising creates legendary marketing cost savings for customers of all shapes and sizes with its Campaign Performance Platform. The process begins by first onboarding customer data, which can be challenging as the data is distributed across a variety of different systems like CRMs, email servers, general ledgers, or ERP/e commerce repositories. Simply put, there could be as many as fifty to one hundred sources containing customer data. However, this otherwise invaluable resource cannot benefit a marketer in its disparate, un-combined state. That is why AiAdvertising’s first step is to leverage its platform to merge, purge and append that data into a single source of truth.

The data is combined with online intent data consisting of what people do every day on their phones/computers, i.e., signals to systematically develop user personas that were once approximated via surveys and manual research.
Afterward, the platform will collate this data over a matter of days, and group the customers and generate personas with associated behaviors, separating consumers demographically and psychographically based on their interests. This helps the Campaign Performance Platform generate key messaging strategies that resonate with those behaviors and interests. It even predicts what material should be used to generate leads and sell products, i.e., which creative will best resonate with consumers.

To a marketer, this level of differentiation is crucial as Google estimates that any creative will start going stale in 10.4 days. This means from the 11th day, and beyond, the effort loses its effectiveness. Without a strategy to update, augment or change that creative, marketing spend can never keep up with the changing consumer demands.

We’re bringing the machine to make the people, i.e., the marketers better. That’s what we believe resonates with our customers

The Campaign Performance Platform is helping generate thousands of effective ad versions in the queue that are predicted to be the most effective. It can even prove what works by correlation and causation. Since all of the results from the campaigns flow back into the consumer data, the platform is able to validate how effective each creative asset was for each individual persona, group, and customer segment. It can thus clearly reveal what segment is most profitable,which ads proved to be effective, and what target is next in the queue.

Demonstrating Excellence with Measurable Outcomes

AiAdvertising has worked with a number of different organizations on several unique initiatives, among which was one of the largest heavy Caterpillar dealers in the country called HOLT CAT. The company partnered with HOLT CAT because their leadership said, “I’m tired of seeing reports that just tell me about all the impressions you’re making and what you’re doing in the market. We can’t take impressions to the bank. So prove to me what’s working.”

Before partnering with AiAdvertising, HOLT CAT was unable to witness a three-time return on ROAS as per their expectation. To this end, they implemented the Campaign Performance Platform and received a return between 9 to 14 times return on ad spend. By being persona and behavior-focused, the platform identified two groups that would be ideally receptive to brand/product education. AiAdvertising was able to give them the information they needed to find the target consumer groups.
With that information, HOLT CAT was able to leverage the platform to create and execute hyper personalized campaigns around specific products and interests.

As a result, HOLT CAT was able to step beyond simple brand and price promotion and really segment their customers and talk to them based on what is important to them taking into consideration the way they think and behave.

In another inspiring instance, AiAdvertising was able to help cookie maker C.Krueger’s in growing their market presence via direct-to consumer e-commerce. The company was planning on expanding its brand from a localized Ohio market to go national via acquiring names with small duos, i.e., a discount based marketing model. However, despite being a premium brand, the company’s market analysis model was less targeted and more akin to coupon marketing, using only discounts to pull in customers.
  • The Campaign Performance Platform is the combination of marketer and machine. It uses highly informed, predicted, and prescribed insights to drive the most creative and personalized messaging and campaigns

AiAdvertising helped them double the size of their basket by integrating a data-driven and personalized approach. This, in turn, will enable C.Krueger’s to identify online shoppers who have the propensity to purchase the bigger cookie baskets to achieve revenue goals, further increase average order size, increase customer lifetime value, frequency and wallet share, which leads to increased overall profitability. AiAdvertising is now growing this brand nationally and helping them find people that are looking to gift with something unique, something delicious, and customized.

In a nutshell, Campaign Performance Platform is an end-to end solution that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to improve digital campaign performance eliminating guesswork and increasing profitability. In doing so, the platform is able to close the loop and connect marketing investments to financial outcomes amplifying results a feat that was previously unachievable. By seamlessly integrating processes, people, and technology, the company is able to cut out guesswork, eliminate waste, and prove advertising’s true impact on revenue. This enables marketers to create customer-centric campaigns at a lower cost that drive engagement and boost revenue. “We’re bringing the machine to make the people, i.e., the marketers better. That’s what we believe resonates with our customers,” concludes Myers.
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Kevin Myers, Chief Product and Marketing Officer

AiAdvertising is a cutting-edge technology firm and a major provider of AI-enabled marketing solutions that aspires to integrate processes, people, and technology in a seamless manner. They eliminate the need for guessing and demonstrate the exact impact of advertising on income.