Adfire Health: Empowering the Possibility of HCP Targeting

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Lilia Tse, Managing Partner and SVP, Adfire HealthLilia Tse, Managing Partner and SVP
Marketing to healthcare professionals (HCPs) has its own unique set of challenges. For example, there are many regulations in healthcare professional advertising, requiring healthcare marketers to keep a keen eye on ad copy restrictions and making claims around unsubstantiated clinical data. Additionally, marketers often struggle to reach doctors cost-efficiently and at scale — at least with enough impact to change HCP behaviors. Many also lack the knowledge to engage HCPs, as most healthcare marketers focus on patient strategies.

Guiding healthcare marketers along the path is Adfire Health, which delivers important messaging about valuable medical products and services to healthcare professionals and patients. The company currently provides digital advertising solutions that combine the power of data, programmatic technology, media strategy, and creative execution.

“Our core value proposition is our proprietary database built on data of 1.5 million MDs and NPPAs (scriptwriters) and 6.5 million other HCPs, including pharmacists, nurses, care teams, and hospital executives, among others,” says Lilia Tse, the Managing Partner and SVP at Adfire Health.

Adfire Health takes raw data sourced from more than 300 databases, such as NPI, AMA, and the State Board. The company then performs a 22-point data cleansing process, where it matches users with their online identities. Brand marketers can leverage the proprietary NPI-validated data to target audiences across multiple devices and channels, including display, mobile, contextual, social, search, and more.

Once a client shares the NPI target list, Adfire Health will custom create and append a list with emails, cookies, and unique identifiers on a user. The media can then be delivered via a majority of media outlets. “Our targeting is easily adaptable across all devices, scalable, cost-efficient, and results in better ROIs,” says Lilia.

For those advertisers that require more context around their ads, Adfire Health can layer contextual targeting on top of any audience target list.
This is done by placing ads based on pre-defined keywords and the content of a webpage, enabling marketers to reach doctors when they’re consuming relevant content. For example, a pharma brand promoting a new rheumatology drug may target keywords that rheumatology professionals would search for online — think “diseasemodifyingantirheumatic drugs (DMARDs).”

For advertisers that prefer to use location-based messages, Adfire Health can also geofence the target MDs through location-based data, down to each location’s latitude/longitude coordinates. This means you can reach HCPs at hospitals, offices, pharmacies, or even conferences. Additionally, the company utilizes predictive modeling to target HCPs by title, prescribing behaviors, years of experience, commercial address, or a client-provided list. This capability helps clients analyze the ad clicks, reduce the size of the target audience accordingly, and only display ads to the HCPs in their targeted subgroup, preventing wasted spend.

A major focus area for Adfire Health is engagement and education. By partnering with award-winning medical industry writers, the company helps clients drive audiences to educational landing pages and long-form medical articles. The content increases time spent on site and encourages MDs to have more favorable attitudes toward a specific brand.

Adfire Health also offers NPIreporting capabilities to clients, with reports provided to clients daily, weekly, and monthly. The reports can be fed into clients’ CRM, which helps the sales team close potential leads. This closed-loop reporting also helps determine which users were converted to potential customers via specific marketing channels.
  • We create impactful marketing campaigns to engage a difficultto - reach audience — doctors —through a very cost-efficient method

“We create impactful marketing campaigns to engage a difficult-to-reach audience — doctors — through a very cost-efficient method. Our digital endeavors are much more economical than having 800 reps calling doctors. Ultimately, programmatic media delivers value for the healthcare advertiser,” adds Lilia.

Adfire Health has uniquely positioned itself to improve scale and efficiency for HCP marketers. In addition to developing cross-channel communications solutions for clients, the company will be expanding its creative agency services to include brand management and ad creation.
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Adfire Health

Adfire Health

Stamford, CT

Lilia Tse, Managing Partner and SVP

Adfire Health delivers important messaging about valuable medical products and services to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients. The company currently provides digital advertising solutions that combine the power of data, programmatic technology, creativity, and strategy. The company’s core value proposition is its proprietary database built on data of 8MM+ HCPs, including 1.5 million M.D.s and MPPAs who are all scriptwriters. It also includes data from key influencers, including pharmacists, nurses, practice managers, and hospital executives, among others. The company’s core capability lies in NPI-level reporting and one-to-one NPI-targeting to assist clients in the pharma, medical devices, diagnostics, and biopharma industries.