How Adfire Health Is Transforming HCP Advertising With 1:1 NPI-Targeting

Lilia Tse, Vice president of Sales,  AdfirehealthLilia Tse, Vice president of Sales, Adfirehealth
With the healthcare industry in the midst of a radical, digital-first transformation, HCP marketers need to find new ways to engage providers and perfect their digital advertising. Adfire Health can help you do just that.

Read on for more about Adfire Health and how the company helps brands, hospitals, and agencies reach HCPs on a 1:1 basis.

Adfire Health: A Data-Driven Media Vendor Built for Healthcare

Led by Richard Kraskel, CEO, and myself — both of us veterans in the healthcare advertising industry — Adfire Health is a healthcare ad vendor that offers media and creative services. Rather than casting a wide net, we enable brands to hyper-target specific healthcare audiences. In other words, we help you reach the right people, at the right time.

Healthcare is all we do. That’s why we built a team with decades of experience in the medical industry, including data analysts, digital experts, creatives, account managers, ad-ops specialists, and media buyers.

Engage HCPs With 1:1 NPI-Targeting Data, Data, Data

The secret to successful healthcare advertising in 2022? It all starts with the data.

We’ve spent 20 years building our proprietary healthcare database, allowing brands to reach 99% of doctors. Our data encompasses 1.5M+ NPIs and 6.5M+ other HCPs. The best part? It’s first-party data built from 300+ healthcare databases and regular outreach, and it goes through a regular 22-step cleansing process to ensure accuracy.

Using our database, you can reach key decision makers and support staff, such as PCPs, oncologists, RNs, pharmacists, cardiologists, and hospital executives.

Efficiency & Engagement

Why does healthcare data matter? It’s what allows you to reach HCPs on a 1:1 basis.

In other words, no more throwing money at billboards or premium websites in the hopes of reaching your audience. Thanks to the ability to target by NPI numbers, you can build 1:1 relationships based on American Medical Association (AMA)-recognized medical specialty, subspecialties, secondary or tertiary specialties, and more.

The results? Efficiency and increased HCP engagement.

When you’re only delivering ads to the exact HCPs you want to reach, you lower your advertising costs while providing more personalized, engaging ad experiences. It’s a win-win.

Smart Tactics

Once you have the right data, the next step is targeting HCPs across websites, channels, and devices. In other words, you need to stand out and engage HCPs when and where they’re spending their time online.

Healthcare advertising should never be a one-size-fits-all solution. The industry, HCPs, and the greater healthcare world are too complex for that to be the case.
That being said, there are certain channels and tactics that just about every digital strategy should include:
• Video advertising
• Mobile & in-app advertising
• Native advertising
• Contextual advertising
• Point-of-care advertising

Optimization & Reporting

Adfire Health’s 1:1 NPI-targeting gives you another distinct advantage: access to highly accurate, granular reporting.

Our reporting doesn’t just offer a high-level overview of impressions, clicks, and conversions. Because NPI numbers are used to track campaign metrics, you’ll know exactly which HCPs are seeing and engaging with your ads — down to their names, specialty, location, and employer.

Why does that matter? You’ll have reliable data as the foundation for your targeting strategy, enabling you to make performance-focused optimizations with total confidence. Plus, your sales team will know exactly which leads are engaged.

Client-First, Always

Data, tactics, and reporting are only half the story. Success comes when you work with a vendor that’s experienced and completely dedicated to your needs.

Adfire Health is a dream partner. We’re so happy we found them. No other vendor comes close, and they offer unmatched service. We are going to brag about Adfire internally and tell our reporting team to get with it because Adfire is putting us to shame

Here’s what one of our clients, a digital media supervisor at a major banking platform, had to say about working with the Adfire Health team:

“Adfire Health is a dream partner. We’re so happy we found them. No other vendor comes close, and they offer unmatched service. We are going to brag about Adfire internally and tell our reporting team to get with it because Adfire is putting us to shame.”

What’s New at Adfire Health

As a vendor in a highly competitive, rapidly transforming industry, we’re constantly adding to our services and finding new ways to make our clients’ lives better. Here are a few of our newest offerings:

• Real-Time NPI Passback: Using JavaScript code, Adfire Health can identify inbound traffic on your landing pages — in real-time — enabling you to immediately retarget HCPs.

• Creative Services Suite: Adfire Health has rapidly expanded our creative services to include ad creation, video production, brand management, and custom content.

• Dashboards for Visualizing Performance: By partnering with Tableau, Adfire Health provides clients with big-picture and granular views of their campaign performance.

Boost Your Healthcare Advertising in 2022: Connecting With Adfire Health

As the healthcare advertising industry evolves in 2022 and beyond, it’s more important than ever for marketers to engage HCP audiences meaningfully. Targeted campaigns grab HCPs’ attention and enable you to jump ahead of the line in a digital-first world. To learn more about smarter healthcare advertising, book a demo by emailing or visiting
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Adfire Health: Empowering the Possibility of HCP Targeting