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E-commerce is on the rise and as the number of online orders skyrocket, companies have an increased need to meet customer’s high expectations of the websites developed. There is an increased need to build e commerce websites which cater to individual customers and suggest commodities more suited to their needs. Yieldify aims at creating websites that give customers a personalized feeling with their commitment to ‘excellent service.’ It creates e-commerce solutions for companies to make customer experience a smooth sail at every step.

Yieldify offers solutions to clients that vastly improve their efficiencies and productivities. It undertakes customer database growth with welcome pop-ups, exit-intent technology, embedded signup forms, and interactive content among several others. Clients’ customer databases have also been revamped through increasing the number of newsletter signups with successful capture campaigns led by Yieldify. The company has also ensured that 36% of users return to the website after submitting their email address to save their cart details which results in a reduction in cart abandonment rate.

Customer abandonment is also a major drawback that e-commerce companies face, for which Yieldify offers solutions. The major reasons that customers back out from going through with a transaction are that the checkout process is extremely long and confusing or there exists a cheaper alternative. Additionally, if a customer comes across an unexpected fee or shipping cost, they are more likely to abandon the transaction. Yieldify enables the company to track on-site behaviour and step in as soon as it identifies that a customer intends to leave the site. Yieldify encourages customers to buy a commodity by revealing product engagement. This is done by indicating to a customer how many times a product has been bought, or with countdown timers that notify customers of deadlines. This creates a feeling in the customer that they will miss out on experiences if they leave the website.

In addition, the organisation uses Behavioral Segmentation to assist companies in increasing conversion rates and accurately segment and target the consumer base.

This results in launching messages that would move the user towards a conversion. Delivering clarity with helpful suggestions reduces the struggle a customer has to face throughout their journey with the website.
When products are recommended frequently, the tendency for customers to get distracted or procrastinate buying is avoided which results in increased conversion rates. Moreover, the London based organization utilisesBehavioural Segmentation to boost customer retention for companies by effectively targeting and making offers to visitors depending on their needs. Reminding customers of the benefits the company has to offer and sending smart and behaviourally-determined cart abandonment emails using Email Remarketing can ensure customer retention to a great extent.

The company increases average order value for a client by suggesting products that are related to those that already exist in the cart, paving ways for higher average order values. With more offers and perks, the website presents more visibility to customers, which in turn, increases the probability of a sale happening.
  • Yieldify aims at creating websites that give customers a personalized feeling with their commitment to ‘excellent service.’

Furthermore Yieldify also provides consulting services by analysing, benchmarking, strategizing and creating customer journeys. Customer Journey Analysis involves analysing the user’s journey by segmenting website visitors. Further, the analysis is linked to the goals of the company. Customer Journey Benchmarking takes place by documenting users with similar websites and understanding how it can be improved with more accurate targeting and clearer expectations. Additionally, strategising the customer journey is vital to reduce the time taken to develop personalised recommendations. Every strategy is built with an optimization pathway to refine and enhance the outcomes. Yieldify helps create the optimal shopping experience for a user by optimizing creative deliverables to launch including dynamic creatives and animations.

Yieldify stands out because of its commitment to excellent service. “We start with data and never ‘set it and forget it.’” Yieldify makes website personalisation easier such that it increases conversions, leads and order values in a simpler and smarter way. Engineered to make reliable results easy to get with a fully managed solution, measurable results can be obtained from the very start.

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