CPG industry embraces flexible, customizable measurement tools

Kevin Hunter, Chief Commercial Officer,  CatalinaKevin Hunter, Chief Commercial Officer, Catalina
Catalina has developed the fastest, most granular attribution measurement for the CPG industry. We pioneered media technology that drives in-store conversions nearly 40 years ago, and now are well into a digital transformation that makes it easier for CPG brands, retailers, and agencies to engage the consumer along their ever-evolving path to purchase. By investing heavily in strategic partnerships and advanced technology and data, our innovative omnichannel solutions are available across the full purchase funnel.

Our flexible and customizable product solutions are based on granularity (UPC-level) and speed (real time), which differentiates us in the marketplace and reinforces our reputation as CPG media experts. We can measure behavior not only in-store, but also across media channels including mobile, linear and Connected TV (CTV), digital and traditional Out-of-Home (OOH), podcasts, and more.

The Future of In-Flight Measurement

Our In-flight Measurement tool, for example, uses actual shopper behavior insights on virtually all U.S. households and can anonymously connect ad exposure to a purchase in real time and measure its impact on sales. These actionable performance results, delivered at the most granular level, give brands the ability to continuously optimize for maximum performance.

We offer specific in-flight measurement solutions based on a brand’s needs and objectives, which we incorporate into our Managed Media Services and make accessible though our self-serve HUB360 platform. They include:

Campaign Snapshot

– This is our foundational offering that works well for smaller campaigns where a marketer is primarily interested in observing the progress and corresponding impact of their media program. Brands can view weekly dashboard updates once they reach a critical mass of conversions, which becomes available after approximately two weeks. This report addresses:

• Where am I in my campaign execution?
• What conversion and sales impact am I seeing for last week and to date?
• Have shopper behaviors changed since the campaign began?


– This offering includes Campaign Snapshot metrics and uses a Test Exposed versus Matched Unexposed (EvU) methodology to calculate campaign sales lift with an all-outlet adjustment that calculates total ROAS.
Our data analytics team then breaks down incrementality by driver components such as penetration, purchase amount, and frequency. Our dashboards update weekly once the campaign has a statistically significant number of conversions, typically about four to six weeks into a campaign. Campaign Snapshot runs concurrently.

Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)

– MTA leverages the Markov Chain Attribution Model to attribute conversions to their media channels, audiences, line items, creative executions, as well as publishers and media placements. It also includes all metrics from our Campaign Snapshot and Incrementality tools.

Unlike other attribution algorithms – like Last-Touch, First-Touch, Equal-Weighting, or Recency-Weighted – the Markov Model considers any channel, each touch point leading to a conversion, and the order of those touchpoints. For example, a brand could measure the relative impact of an omnichannel campaign that uses mobile or desktop digital, CTV/OTT, and Catalina’s in-store media.

MTA also measures non-conversions so brands can see what did not work. Once it reaches the data threshold, our MTA product updates daily and optimizes conversions in-flight for multi-channel media campaigns.

Measurement in Action

Marketers can use these tools to understand measurement and optimization throughout the life of a campaign. For example, RXBar partnered with Catalina on an effort that included banner ads – for desktop, mobile, and mobile app – across six target audiences.

By investing heavily in strategic partnerships and advanced technology and data, our innovative omnichannel solutions are available across the full purchase funnel

Catalina created a true test versus control environment to tangibly measure impact. The optimized test campaign had the same channels and target splits, but it allowed for weekly media shifts based on real-time insights from Catalina’s MTA tool.

The brand saw a 57% improvement in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) when comparing Catalina’s MTA-optimized campaign to the non-optimized one.

We’re the nerd on your side

As retailers and brands look to identify their best customers and convert them with omnichannel campaigns, look for a partner that can guide your decisions with sophisticated data science, including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and proprietary algorithms. Catalina’s suite of measurement tools sets us apart from our competitors and offers efficient, real-time solutions that will make the most of your marketing dollars.

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