Victorious: Augmenting Online Visibility

Michael Transon, Founder, VictoriousMichael Transon, Founder
The craving for digital identity has gotten businesses to delve into the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), enhancing their online presence and visibility. While the market is replete with SEO optimization vendors, Victorious is an innovative SEO and digital marketing company that stands out from the crowd with its team of SEO experts and inventive approach to helping clients attain increased website search traffic.

In assisting clients to improve their web presence, the SEO experts at Victorious conduct rigorous auditing, Battle Audit, of their website in order to optimize it for improved Google Rankings. Within four months of Battle Audit completion, Victorious’ clients can achieve 50 percent increase in the Google organic search traffic. Besides, Victorious provides recommendations for on-site changes in combination with the monthly SEO strategy campaigns to optimize their client website and improve the growth of organic traffic.

Issues found during the auditing process are subjected to page optimization where critical factors such as site speed, keyword placement, description tags, and content issues are addressed for better performance in Google searches. Victorious has the capability to discover hundreds of SEO errors and fix them without having the client to intervene in the course of optimization. While analyzing more than 100 pages for a client website’s current Google ranking, Victorious’ onsite optimization service also provides easy-to-understand reports about issues uncovered on each page as well as new suggestions and ideas for improving keyword results.
Through Victorious Analytics, clients get seamless access to customized SEO reporting dashboard that is updated in real-time. These numbers depict the performance of the business in the online world and their overall SEO growth.

Victorious realizes that SEO, over the years, has evolved into a quality-focused marketing activity. Search engines give better ranking to websites that have web links coming in from an authoritative, credible website. To this end, Victorious’ SEO efforts provide offsite optimization where Victorious plans and executes effective campaigns to drive qualified SEO traffic and leads. Victorious partners with reputed websites to help in ranking clients’ sites faster and better. The company takes a thematic keyword approach to rank for more keyword variations and eventually generate additional organic traffic.

Besides offering Google My Business services, Victorious also provides nationwide content distribution through its unique service, Social Signals Impulse, through which clients get the opportunity of being featured in the publications of premium media outlets.

Victorious’ comprehensive SEO practices are aligned to Google’s latest real-time core search algorithm, Penguin 4.0, that enables clients to achieve significant improvement in their search results performance. A case in point that demonstrates Victorious’ efficacy in SEO optimization is Skypax, a shipping company providing international parcel services, which has achieved greater business outcomes through Victorious’ unique and incisive SEO strategies. The shipping company has now grown from 123 clicks per 90 days to over 8,200 clicks per 90 days; and has witnessed a humongous increase in organic search clicks.

Victorious ensures transparency across the processes in all its engagements with clients. A company adept at aligning itself to the recent developments in the SEO arena, Victorious strides ahead in winning more online battles for its global clients—revolutionizing online presence and visibility.