TechAccelerator: Creating On-Demand Hands-On Labs to Educate, Engage, and Empower

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David Hekimian, CEO and Founder, TechAcceleratorDavid Hekimian, CEO and Founder
A compelling product demonstration that effectively presents how it can solve real world problems has been proven to increase the end customer’s interest and accelerate their buying decisions.

Most enterprise technology solutions are sophisticated multi-faceted systems that make it difficult to quickly create that “aha” moment during demos. This often impacts the success of product demos at trade shows, marketing events, sales calls, lunch-and-learns and even webinars.

Building, managing, and maintaining product demo environments is time consuming, has mixed results with something almost going wrong every time, does not address every major use case, doesn’t scale to multiple users and is not accessible to your partners. All of this results in cost in time, money, and opportunity.

TechAccelerator, an As-A-Service platform for the enablement and acceleration of the technical selling process, offers a simple method to deliver demos and proof of concepts (POC) in a scalable, repeatable, and sustainable manner. TechAccelerator crafts on-demand hands-on product demonstration labs, from their own platform, for medium and large enterprise technology companies from the security, networking, and data storage and management industries.

Once a solution environment is designed in the TechAccelerator Lab, clients can utilize it for demonstrations including customer demos, marketing events, workshops, training, and webinars. These can be self-paced or instructor-led. This method enables companies to cost-effectively educate, engage, and empower their prospective and existing customers, channel partners, and sales team.

“After COVID-19 hit, we helped our clients shift from an in-person on-premises demo to a virtual one. They immediately saw the value we bring to theirbusiness as our product demo labs allowed them to scale and reuse these labs beyond a single event,” says David Hekimian, CEO, and founder of TechAccelerator.

TechAccelerator adopts a step-by-step approach to create a customized and hands-on product demo according to client requirements.The process starts by collaborating and recording the subject matter expert presenting a product demo either live or via a video conferencing platform.
It is then recreated and optimized within the TechAccelerator Lab platform, even for very complex, multi-application (or multi-cloud) solutions. The TechAccelerator team does the heavy lifting, and their clients reap the rewards by being able to quickly spin up different client use cases, greatly shortening the sales cycle.

The TechAccelerator platform includes a browser-based desktop with the necessary elements that drive a demonstration lab, actively engaging end customers to participate in the presentation. On the right side of the screen are meticulous easy-to-follow instructions (“the story”) with buttons and panels that allow the end user to experiencethe product in action. This feature enables sales personnel, channel partners, and account managers to build customer confidence and offers enterprise technology companies the flexibility to sustainably evolve the solution as new additions to the software become available.
  • We manage marketing databases, develop software, and work directly with marketers. This puts us in the unique position of hearing what users need and upgrading our software to do it

TechAccelerator also provides support and troubleshooting services to manage the demo labs as part of its monthly fee, ensuring clients have a successful sales and marketing experience.

Multiple clients leverage TechAccelerator to build lab environments for marketing events, trade shows, and sales enablement training. For instance, a client with an influx of more than one hundred new hires requested sales enablement training demonstrating how their product works. Together they built various demo labs and integrated them with its website, where these employees could sign up for the self-paced training, accompanied by step-by-step instructions that allowed them to see the product in action. The hands-on software demo helped employees gain a comprehensive understanding of their product and enabled them to quickly generate more leads and close those deals faster.

TechAccelerator works hand-in-hand with clients, scaling demo labs according to internal factors like budget and an influx of new hires, and external requirements like pre-planned events, trade shows, and webinars or workshops. TechAccelerator’s business model is based on the overall usage of the platform. Therefore, it has a vested interest in the success of its clients - the more the client grows, the more the TechAccelerator relationship grows.

“Most of our customers see between 30x and 45x ROI on every dollar they invest with us. And for some of our clients, the numbers might be higher, but they don't want to tell us because they're worried we're going to raise our prices. And that's just kind of a joke, but it's also kind of true,” according to David Hekimian.
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David Hekimian, CEO and Founder

TechAccelerator is an As-a-Service Platform that offers a simple method to deliver on-demand and hands-on product demonstration labs for enterprise technology companies.