Stella Connect: Unlocking the Human Potential and Performance of Front-line Teams

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Jordy Leiser, Co-founder, CEO, Stella ConnectJordy Leiser, Co-founder, CEO
Customer service interaction can often prove to be a make-or-break opportunity for a company. Usually, initiated because of a failure to meet expectations elsewhere in the customer journey, customer service can become an organization’s last line of defense in avoiding attrition and lost revenue. As such, building a more motivated and engaged front-line team not only drives down agent attrition rates in the contact center but also enhances customer satisfaction. Recognizing this factor, businesses for years have been leveraging various workforce optimization (WFO) tools and applications to boost the performance of customer service teams. However, these legacy WFO strategies are far from optimal when it comes to instilling energy and supercharged engagement among front-line teams for unleashing their true potential, especially when they are dispersed across multiple locations or operating in a remote working model. This is where companies like Stella Connect can make a difference.

Stella Connect has developed a proprietary, SaaS customer feedback, coaching, and quality management platform designed specifically for promoting engagement among customer service teams. With Stella Connect, customer service leaders and managers can harness agent-level customer feedback and deliver personalized coaching and quality assurance (QA) programs to agents. “Unlike commonly used WFO tools that treat customer service personnel like mere resources to be optimized, our platform unlocks the human potential of front-line teams and eliminates the physical distance among dispersed contact centers. This makes agents more empathetic in their interaction with customers and enthusiastic toward their job, which positively impacts overall customer experience,” says Dave R Taylor, chief marketing officer of Stella Connect.

Stella Connect’s mission is to establish seamless interaction among agents, agent managers, and customers. As such, the company delivers comprehensive visibility and transparency through dashboards to the management team, empowering them to keep track of the number of calls being handled and customer reviews. Customer feedback is collected and shared directly with agents in real-time, which further fosters engagement, motivation, and retention.

Managers, too, can provide real-time feedback to agents to help them perform better. “Rewards and recognition inspire an employee to keep up the good work. But appreciating someone during a Friday meeting for a good work done on Monday, takes the essence away.

Unlike commonly used WFO tools that treat customer service teams like mere resources, our platform unlocks the human potential of front-line teams by eliminating the physical distance among dispersed contact centers

So our platform equips managers with the capability to give a thumbs up to an agent in real-time,” Taylor remarks. With its QA product, Stella Connect runs the QA process in real-time and makes it more actionable, allowing management to effectively coach agents and drive improvement of front-line teams. Taylor explains, “We enable managers to make realtime decisions about policies, and once that’s completed, they don't have to wait for it to trickle through the grapevine to reach all agents. It is done instantaneously through our automated system that also allows the managers to monitor the calls to ensure that people are adhering to the new policy.”

In spite of determined efforts, agents might miss the mark in satisfying customers. Taking this factor into account, Stella Connect has incorporated a Service Recovery module in its solution to track any piece of negative feedback, send an alert to the respective team leads, and create an automated ticket to help the team improve the experience of an unhappy customer. This significantly reduces the chances of customer attrition and increases brand value and reliability. With real-time feedback, quality assurance, rewards and recognition, and agent coaching all packaged into a single platform, Stella Connect truly stands out as a prominent customer feedback and quality management solution in the market.
Backed by such a unique solution, the company has rapidly expanded its footprint in the market by catering to numerous consumer-oriented businesses, such as Williams Sonoma, Warby Parker, Walmart, Postmates, including luxury cruise lines and retail clothing brands. Taylor recalls Stella Connect’s engagement with one of its clients— one of the largest retail outlets in the U.S.—to help them backfill most of their lost offshore capacity with its robust platform. While the client’s online customer service traffic was booming, the offshore counterpart took a big hit because of the pandemic. Stella Connect equipped the client with its platform and helped them train their inventory management staff to fill in the talent gap. Through a series of training, self- and team-coaching sessions, and a powerful QA program, the client was able to get the new team ready for the job and turn the business on its head.

The importance and relevance of Stella Connect’s platform is growing rapidly amidst this COVID-19 pandemic that has impelled businesses to take all their call center operations out of the office premises. In fact, in the second quarter of 2020, the company has witnessed massive growth and hit nearly 2x of its sales capacity. Striding ahead, Stella Connect plans on improving the efficiency of its platform and adding new functionalities by utilizing insights gathered from a world-class product team. Geographical expansion is also on the cards for the company.
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Jordy Leiser, Co-founder, CEO

Stella Connect by Medallia is the first platform that connects customer feedback, QA, and coaching, giving CX leaders visibility into performance and driving improvement of frontline teams. Create a motivated and engaged work-from-anywhere team that brings a human touch to every customer interaction. Stella Connect helps drive efficiency and performance improvements for clients’ front-line team. Stella Connect connects customer feedback to coaching and QA in one easy-to-use platform