Starfish Ad Age: Providing Value with a Conversion-Based Business Model

Mindy Lewellen, CEO and Abel Sanchez, COO, Starfish Ad AgeMindy Lewellen, CEO and Abel Sanchez, COO
SMBs struggling to close sales and leads want assistance in managing the costs of their marketing initiatives and affording the risk involved. Businesses continue to view advertising and marketing services as an expense rather than an investment, despite implementing in-house marketing capabilities that do not produce the expected outcomes.

Enter Starfish Ad Age, a business that, through its open business model, teaches organizations how to use marketing methods and enhance the efficacy of digital advertising. Automation, social media, data, search marketing, and programmatic advertising are all part of its portfolio. The ability of Starfish Ad Age to give customers total control over their marketing and advertising data sets it apart from similar products on the market and enables clients to have a thorough understanding of the digital ecosystem. This makes it possible for Starfish Ad Age to establish enduring and reliable customer connections. At the same time, it places a lot of attention on lead conversions and producing outcomes that result in marked sales improvement and reliable ROI.

Abel Sanchez, COO of Starfish Ad Age, says, "We don't just tell them, Hey, this is what we're going to do, give us the wheel and let us drive. We educate clients on how it all works."

Through its direct chat lines, Starfish Ad Age engages with customers on a daily basis, avoiding the inefficiencies brought on by customary contact exchanges involving appointment scheduling via email. Through this emphasis on communication, customers can directly address their concerns and questions with the COO and CEO of Starfish Ad Age, adding another level of security and confidence.
Starfish Ad Age has developed a distinctive CTA business model throughout the years, which stands for connectivity, transparency, and accountability. Because of its emphasis on connectivity, clients may get a comprehensive overview of the platforms that are displaying their ads. Accordingly, Starfish Ad Age offers a platform for two-way contact between the client's personnel and any potential leads. This platform, a CRM system called Starleads, enables Starfish Ad Age to alter user experiences through tailored automation of landing pages and customer funnels based on client-specific goals.

Starfish Ad Age always holds both itself and its clients responsible in terms of accountability. Through fundamental accountability, which makes sure that Starfish Ad Age and its clients are working at their best when partnering, it, for example, minimizes situations where clients miss out on obtaining prospective leads owing to response latencies.

We don't just tell them, hey, this is what we're going to do, give us the wheel and let us drive. We educate clients on how it all works

Through these unrivaled competencies, Starfish Ad Age effectively assisted a customer with their marketing campaign. This client initially relocated to Texas to launch a new implant-focused dental practice, which struggled to surpass over $300,000 a year the two years in business. Fastforward to 2022, and thanks to Starfish Ad Age's effective and data-driven advertising capabilities, the company has opened a new facility and generates close to $8 million USD in annual revenue.

This success story, which features a client who joined Starfish Ad Age early on, shows its relationship-centric customer engagement approach and capacity to provide genuinely beneficial marketing and sales outcomes.
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Starfish Ad Age

Starfish Ad Age

Longview, TX

Mindy Lewellen, CEO and Abel Sanchez, COO

Starfish Ad Age is a company educating organizations to leverage marketing strategies and improve digital advertising performance through its transparent business model. In conjunction, it offers services such as automation, social media, data, and search marketing, as well as programmatic Ads