Sparkline: Moving Businesses with First party and Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

Aleetza Senn, CEO & Founder, SparklineAleetza Senn, CEO & Founder
The marketing landscape is ever-changing and growing with advances in technology, methods, and practices that drive results in profit and productivity. To stay ahead, businesses must have good knowledge and expertise about the latest trends in the space and align their marketing strategies accordingly. For example, in the current world of digitization , data is at the heart of every business. To acquire new customers, and retain existing ones, companies need to aggregate and analyze relevant data. However, data is generated from multiple heterogeneous sources and collecting and analyzing it has become an arduous task. On top of this, the big tech players like Apple and Google are continuously changing the way businesses can target consumers, making choosing the right technology supplier to reduce the complexity and find actionable strategies more integral to digital success.

Helping businesses implement a data-centric framework is Sparkline, a SEA-based data analytics consultancy. The company simplifies data, making it accessible and actionable, and provides businesses unparalleled insight into customers’ wants and needs. Sparkline specializes in digital data interpretation and optimization to enable clients to achieve better ROI. “We interpret and make relevant large digital data sets to provide companies insights into the behaviors of their customers and optimization in marketing performance,” says Aleetza Senn, CEO & Founder, Sparkline.

Along with its expertise in data consulting, the company’s core solutions portfolio includes Sparkline Auditor, a data cleaning tool that reviews website analytics implementations to ensure data is accurate and usable (clean). Spark line’s cleaning tool can run 70 website analytic checks in three minutes, which is exponentially faster for data teams. Designed for eCommerce retailers and enterprise customers, the tool runs checks flagging issues, including analytics code errors, bounces, broken funnels, and bad tags.

While sharing insights about Spark line’s value proposition, Senn shares valuable case studies highlighting that organizations running data audits through Sparkline Auditor are finding out that 43 to 48 percent of data was inaccurate. After a few months of using the tool, the clients observe a 68-78 percent increase in data accuracy. Based on this refined data, clients can now make more accurate and targeted decisions about advertising spend. Industry leaders spend almost half of their time cleaning the data. This is a tedious and costly process that only the big brands can afford. However, Sparkline Auditor allows small digital teams to easily interpret data correctly that naturally and they are witnessing a 200 to 300 percent sales growth. "While most analytics companies focus on the technology itself, we see analytics as part of the ongoing business strategy. Tools themselves don’t solve problems, essentially people do, but using tools in the right ways gets you faster, scalable and actionable decisions ," adds Senn.

The analytics spectrum is wide, as are the problem statements businesses face, made more so by the pace of the industry, lack of expertise to keep up and ever changing privacy rules around how people can be tracked across web/apps and ads. Helping businesses understand how all assets across web, app, mobile, and social work together to achieve ROI, provides maximizes efficiency into where marketing dollars should be spent and what messages work best across which devices. Sparkline partners with many 3rd party technologies that work on tracking behaviors across devices (browsers, mobile phones, social activity, etc.). Sparkline’s partnerships also support companies using Google Analytics and the Adobe Marketing Cloud suite. In fact Sparkline is one of the pioneers as an ‘Analytics Only’ consultancy in South East Asia, seeing a gap early between what technology can provide businesses and the limited usage and knowledge to do so.

We interpret and make relevant large digital data sets to provide companies insights into the behaviors of their customers and optimization in marketing performance

Being one of the longest standing Google Analytics partners in the region Sparkline retains flagship businesses like Singapore Airlines, Zalora and Mc Donalds as customers. These customers and others rely on Sparkline to provide agnostic and relevant consultancy, using the clients own data to tell them where the incremental wins lie. These businesses are achieving a return of 2 to 3 times on ad spend without spending additional money.

For example, one of the many attribution problem statements Sparkline works with customers around is which channels yield the best results when it comes to converting marketing efforts. For one of the region’s largest hospitality brands, Sparkline used various models to show by simply moving (not adding) 17 percent of their digital budget from email marketing to Display marketing the client would and did gain150 percent ROI within 4 weeks. "It is all about maximizing businesses with what they already have," commented Senn.

Most recently, Sparkline has been working to help emerging ‘super apps’ provide more robust reporting, optimisation and inventory maximisation as they transform from either e-commerce or delivery type businesses into legitimate publishers and advertising opportunities in hyper local ways. By optimizing company data and finding niche, high value audiences, these businesses can value their inventory differently giving them differentiated sales options behind simple volume. In one case study, one of the largest Indonesian e-commerce publishers saw a 2X uplift on CtR and a 3X uplift on CPM costs. Using these and other data-centric strategies, Sparkline helps sales teams become more effective with selling based on their properties beyond just volume.

Beyond digital data, Sparkline also works with some of the largest retail groups and insurance providers in South East Asia who are rapidly accelerating digital efforts, especially in a post Covid world, where digital growth has seen more than 10 years of change in 2020 alone. For insurance businesses, churn is a key KPI, and using digital triggers, Sparkline is able to establish patterns of behaviour that may indicate potential churn, and link this to alerting call centres to engage with customers with an offer that leads to greater retention. The same can be said for understanding omnichannel, in effect how one customer interacts with online and offline channels and how a partner like Sparkline uses algorithms to match behaviour and action based on customer type (budget conscious, family oriented etc). Knowing these attributes help businesses make more personalised and customized offerings and experiences to existing and potential new customers.

Helping its accelerating client base, Sparkline has developed a robust and heavily certified expertise serving Southeast Asia businesses. Sparkline has a down to earth, trustworthy and passionate approach to solving business problems. Onboarding team members at Sparkline requires a rigorous 3 month training schedule ensuring a premium service no matter who you deal with across the business; Eve’s are of the highest possible standards. As part of its growth plan, Sparkline has recently expanded into the Philippines and is expanding their customer and support base into Vietnam as well.

Finally, always innovating, Sparkline is doubling down on solving for, what they see as slow and in-efficient machine learning and modelling strategies. On average large corporations are taking 2-4 months to stand up a single data model and many more months to scale them across the organisation. Saprkline has built data engineering tools that stand up models within 20-30 minutes using cloud based solutions and scaling pre-built modelling logic. “What exists today to help businesses get to insights and action faster, is a bit of a hodgepodge of logic from various parts of the web, just cobbled together t. Whilst fine as experiments, this approach is short lived and businesses going into forward looking serious analysis, need more reliable and robust data strategies. This is where Sparkline helps move businesses into a much higher maturity level for the future”, concludes Senn.
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Aleetza Senn, CEO & Founder

Sparkline is a data analytics consultancy that simplifies data, making it accessible and actionable, and provides businesses unparalleled insight into customers’ wants and needs