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Steve Schlesinger, CEO & Isaac Rogers, Chief Strategy Officer & Steve Mast, EVP, Platforms and Business Solutions & Ellie Ahmadi, Schlesinger GroupSteve Schlesinger, CEO & Isaac Rogers, Chief Strategy Officer & Steve Mast, EVP, Platforms and Business Solutions & Ellie Ahmadi
With over 55 years in the industry, Schlesinger Group knows recent increases in market research usage are less about new technology and more about an influx of consumer-driven decision making that leverages research technology (ResTech) to make quick calls intelligently.

ResTech is changing who participates in research and what problems that research solves. Schlesinger’s tech enabled market research products, tools, and solutions disrupt the old way of conducting research, said Executive Vice President of Platforms Steve Mast.

Mast explains more brands leverage market research now than ever before because it provides the continuous stream of consumer feedback necessary to fuel competitive, iterative development processes and drive greater marketing and advertising success in fast-moving markets.

“Brands are moving to more agile processes and business models, and they really need to have the customer at the center of that new construct,” Mast said. “QualBoard, our flagship ResTech tool, delivers up-close, one-on one conversations with real customers, anywhere in the world, to help businesses uncover that one insight that changes everything."

The company’s Marketplace launch, powered by its recent Methodify acquisition, is another tech platform that reduces clients’ turnaround on consumer feedback from weeks to hours with repeatable, proven, and off-the-shelf research methods. Marketplace provides non-researchers with proven tools and methodologies that allow them to run self-service research projects.

While Marketplace is more quantitatively focused, with repeatable methodologies for enterprises at scale, QualBoard is a qualitative enterprise platform for clients to conduct market research. Whether it's video interviews, long-term communities, video diaries, or shopping missions, those options exist in Schlesinger Group’s single enterprise platform.
“By blending these offerings, you can log in and get your answers at scale, whether you want to go broad or go deep,” Mast said. “Everything we are bringing together in our unprecedented ecosystem of quantitative and qualitative products allow product development and marketing teams to get to the speed they need to get to those answers. People in the corporate world can access those consumer insights in big, sophisticated ways or very small and simple ways.”

“Traditional research groups have typically operated outside of marketing or product departments, providing an impartial stance and intelligent research parameters. Beyond the expense and time, the degree of separation between decision-makers and consumers slowed time to market”, Mast said.
  • Our ResTech delivers up-close, one-on-one conversations with real customers, anywhere in the world, to help uncover that one insight that changes everything

"Our technology and tools allow market research professionals to access the platform, and craft the proper questions, whereas a non-researcher can come in and go, ‘Hey, I want to use the concept test,’ pick it off the shelf, upload your stimulus, pick your audience, hit go, and get the right answers back,” Mast said.

This repeatability and oversight allow many areas of the business to operate iteratively in relationship with consumers, Schlesinger Group CIO Isaac Rogers said.

“To quickly identify a research question and put it in front of your community and have answers coming in about what people like and don't like, is incredible,” he says. “It gives clients the power to think about how to move their business in the right direction.”

“Businesses thrive when they know how their customers use products and services, how they want products and services to behave in the future, and if advertising resonates with them,” says CEO Steve Schlesinger.

“Market research doesn't have to be incredibly costly,” he says. “It can be something your teams use daily. That is the difference from where our world was only a few years ago. Marketplaces are moving fast, and our decision-making must keep up with the speed of our audiences to remain competitive, which is why we continue to invest in technology solutions to make customer insights faster, smarter, easier, and more cost effective.” concludes Mast.
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Schlesinger Group

Schlesinger Group

Iselin, NJ

Steve Schlesinger, CEO & Isaac Rogers, Chief Strategy Officer & Steve Mast, EVP, Platforms and Business Solutions & Ellie Ahmadi

Schlesinger Group has uniquely positioned itself to cater to the diverse needs of people in product development, marketing, and advertising stack. They provide a pathway to user insights with a large ecosystem of quantitative and qualitative products, including ‘Methodify’ and ‘Qual Board.' Their solutions are designed to help researchers and non-researchers alike.