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The age of influencer marketing is upon us. So, businesses have a new problem: quantifying the ROI. Since there is so much more investment currently in influencer marketing than a decade ago, more provable metrics are needed. "Every dollar spent in influencer marketing needs to have some form of attribution or measurement in 2021," begins Seth Kean, CEO of ROI Influencer.

ROI Influencer is the technology, data, and analytics authority in the influencer marketing space. The company combines purchasing behavior and social media audience engagement data to calculate its proprietary ROI Influencer Score – a standard metric that ranks influencers by effectiveness across various social media platforms for brands, agencies, and influencers. The firm created the ROI influencer Score to measure each influencer's audience's value by social media platform, taking into account influencer audience demographics, geographics, digital audience and purchasing behavior data. "The analytics allow brands to understand which influencers to invest in today and in the future," adds Kean. ROI influencer provides insights and analytics initially through raw data measurement and then indexing/ benchmarking the data versus similar-sized audiences.

The ROI Influencer Score is customizable as per those individual metrics, and depending on the emphasis on a particular set of metrics by brands, multiple scores can be generated. Clients can benefit from the ROI Influencer Score in two distinct ways.

Our analytics helps brands prove the ROI of influencer marketing

Before an influencer campaign, they can examine influencers and their previous posts on behalf of their brands and conclude which influencer audiences provided the most value. Secondly, once a campaign has ended, clients will measure the influencer audience engagement over a 30 day period.

"We take both purchasing behavioral data and digital engagement data and report back as a collective whole as opposed to one-to-one," states Kean. The ROI Influencer client base comprises fortune 1000 brands, digital agencies, social media agencies, and the talent agencies that represent the influencers. Unlike other solution providers who usually are involved in tools and widgets on content creation, ROI Influencer stays independent of creating those actual posts. The company differentiates itself by its ability to measure influencer audiences through proprietary algorithms, exclusive data and the attribution that complements influencer marketing. "We focus on everything substantial and we lead with the statistical facts," adds Kean. Forging ahead, ROI Influencer will continue to focus on being solution-oriented and analytics-based. The company aims to enhance its ROI measurement report and provide robust analytics set by capturing more real-time data, including audience purchasing and influencer audience digital engagement data. "The longer we do it, the more data we will be able to accumulate and report back to brands and influencers in an anonymized way," concludes Kean.
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ROI Influencer

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ROI Influencer

ROI Influencer (ROI) is a technology and data analytics company with offices in New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA. Powered by the ROI Influencer Score, ROI focuses on audience engagement across the social media landscape. The ROI Influencer Score is a relational analytical representation of two audiences. The ROI Influencer Score™ is THE Influencer Marketing Metric. Utilizing proprietary algorithms, ROI scores the value of influencers and their audience engagement as it relates to desired target audiences