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Esther A. Poulsen, CEO and Founder, Raare SolutionsEsther A. Poulsen, CEO and Founder
Founded in 2004, Raare Solutions is an operational CRM agency that specializes in the design, execution, and support of CRM and marketing platforms, campaign orchestration, Email execution, and analytics. “We are platform agnostic practitioners, not sellers. Rather, we help clients derive the most RoI from the platform investments that they’ve already made—on Salesforce, Adobe, and other enterprise/mid-tier marketing technology platforms,” mentions Esther A. Poulsen, CEO, and Founder, Raare Solutions.

Esther further notes that the experiences that brands provide need to be personalized and relevant to people’s culture, demographics, and generation. So, the cookie-cutter approach to marketing does not work today. To this end, Raare Solutions helps clients personalize their campaigns using data. The company not only takes first-party data and all the critical signals under consideration but integrates third-party demographic data points. As a result, businesses can create a more dynamic, individualized, and engaging customer experience.

Raare Solutions’ comprehensive understanding of major CRM and marketing platforms is their biggest differentiator in the market. It allows them to seamlessly design customer journey maps, ensure personalization, and create efficient campaign operations while offering insights on how well they perform. The company also ensures that the customer engagement operation complies with all the regulatory guidelines prevalent in a client’s region of operation. For example, it follows applicable CAN-SPAM and CCPA in the U.S., CASL in Canada, GDPR globally while working with clients across those countries to ensure more local regional regulations are incorporated.
Raare Solutions takes multiple perspectives into account before helping a client. It first looks at their data and technology and then observes their organization and business processes. Next, the company conducts workshops with clients’ staff to understand their core pain points and find opportunities to improve their performance. It then transforms findings into smaller goals and gives clients a complete roadmap for success. Such a focus on details enables Raare Solutions to forge long-term relationships with its clients and create efficient and effective client engagement programs.
  • We help clients derive the most RoI from the platform investments that they’ve already made…on Salesforce, Adobe and other enterprise/mid-tier marketing technology platforms

What enables Raare Solutions to succeed is its team of experts. The company actively spends on recruiting seasoned campaign practitioners, architects, project managers, and consultants to make sure that its solutions are delivered at speed and are right the first time. The staff also includes many who have previously worked for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies. In addition, the organization prides itself in creating a great, respectful work environment that offers excellent benefits to its employees. That is why the company was named one of New Jersey’s ‘Best Places to Work’ by NJBIZ for four years in a row. As Esther says, “We create a work environment that respects people’s personal and professional lives. This allows us to retain enthusiastic and passionate people who are committed to excellence.”

What’s more? Raare Solutions helps clients solve problems that are beyond its regular domain. For example, the company has consulted on Concierge services, event management, insurance, healthcare, and back-end operations beyond marketing, integrating partners as a consortia of experts. “Clients can come to discuss any challenge. With our great network of seasoned professionals, we’re able to create connections and solutions efficiently,” mentions Esther. This nimbleness makes Raare Solutions the trusted partner of its clients. This trust is now driving the organization to expand its services from marketing technology to adjacent sectors that span the entire customer experience domain. In the coming years, Raare Solutions envisions becoming a thought leader by creating more transformational customer experiences in the brick and mortar and digital world.
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Raare Solutions

Raare Solutions

Paramus, New Jersey

Esther A. Poulsen, CEO and Founder

Raare Solutions is an operational CRM agency specializing in the design, execution, and support of CRM and marketing platforms of its clients and helps them enrich their customer experience