QualSCORE: Setting the Quality, Safety, and Trust Standard in the Cannabis Industry

Jason Cragholm, Founder                                                                              , QualSCOREJason Cragholm, Founder Cannabis, which is still listed as a Schedule 1 illegal drug at the federal level, is gaining prominence worldwide for its ability to alleviate chronic pain, muscle spasms, and treat severe forms of epilepsy, among many other conditions. The rising demand and increasing competition in the legal cannabis market have placed increasing pressure on cannabis vendors to deliver high-quality, safe cannabis products. To prove their products are safe for medical marijuana patients and recreational-use consumers, cannabis brands need an effective method to validate their products’ efficacy and quality. Customer product reviews and ratings play a critical part in helping prospects get a comprehensive understanding of cannabis products and hemp CBD products before purchasing by building trust and loyalty as well as establishing a brand’s unique value proposition.

However, this is where the problem lies. A vast majority of the online reviews published today on sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Amazon are fake. According to a recent industry report, nearly 40 percent of online product reviews are automated or artificial. And, the cannabis industry, too, is not immune to false reviews. Researchers have found, time and again, that many online reviews are either written by employees, friends, or family or paid for by the companies being reviewed. Finding real customer feedback on businesses and brands in the cannabis industry is challenging.

Realizing the lack of an accurate way for consumers to compare cannabis businesses and brands, Jason Cragholm, a sales and marketing expert, decided to leverage his quality, customer feedback, and marketing experience to develop a universal metric: the QualSCORE Quality Rating. “As a customer feedback and complaint resolution system, QualSCORE was developed to eliminate fake reviews and set the production standard in the cannabis industry,” says Cragholm, QualSCORE’s founder.

The QualSCORE software’s capabilities go beyond being a vital source of information for consumers to also serving as a tool for businesses operating in the cannabis industry to measure and track customer happiness. With QualSCORE, cannabis businesses can collect verified customers’ feedback and use it to build brand loyalty, attract new customers, focus research and development efforts, and make critical business decisions. “Anyone can say they are the best, but, we provide the data to prove it,” mentions Cragholm.

Revolutionizing the Way Business Metrics are Measured

While Cannabis is still deemed a controlled substance under federal government guidelines, an increasing number of states have approved it for medical and recreational purposes. With QualSCORE, businesses can collect, analyze, and respond to customer feedback and prove that their cannabis and hemp CBD products and services are high-quality, which enables them to establish a strong position in the markets where their products are sold.

Talking about the system’s uniqueness, Cragholm explains, “QualSCORE began as a fully systematized solution for the cannabis industry to measure and track quality and customer happiness through market research and a proprietary QualSCORE Quality Rating score derived from verified customer feedback.” With the data, businesses can seize opportunities and thwart problems before they turn into disasters. Over time, QualSCORE expanded to become a complete brand reputation management solution offering not just customer feedback, research, and complaint resolution but also a revolutionary metric for businesses and consumers to measure quality, safety, and efficacy of medical cannabis to a universal standard that everyone can understand and act on.

“QualSCORE is like the ‘Experian®’ or ‘CARFAX®’ of the cannabis industry. The only difference is that we don’t use credit scores to rate brands and companies,” shares Cragholm. Instead, the proprietary algorithm powering QualSCORE’s software utilizes quality scores and safety ratings based on real user experience data from verified customers.

Our Goal At Qualscore Is To Make It Easy For Consumers To Find And Recognize The Best Cannabis Businesses And Brands, And The Safe Certification Is The Most Powerful Stamp Of Quality Available Today

Using the software’s pre-built survey templates, businesses can tap into the minds of customers who have purchased from them to measure quality, happiness, loyalty, product satisfaction, and more. The QualSCORE Quality Rating provides a simple numeric score (from 0 to 100) that customers and investors understand allowing them to easily compare their business or brand with others.

Since the QualSCORE Quality Rating is derived from verified customer feedback, there is no way to game the system, so companies can use it to effectively position their brands against competitors, which helps increase sales and profits at the same time. What makes QualSCORE a cut above the rest is its ease of use, accuracy, accountability, affordability, and adaptability. QualSCORE requires no integration. All a company has to do is set the software up the first time and much of the processes run automatically. Using the template surveys or creating their customized survey, a firm can gather all of the information it needs to make the best business decisions.

To further ensure the integrity of its data and Quality Ratings, QualSCORE conducts non-invasive and non-threatening quarterly audits to confirm rated businesses and brands meet the requirements of a high-quality score. “There is simply no more reliable way to compare businesses and brands apples-to-apples than with QualSCORE; turn on QualSCORE and automatically get better data, better feedback, and better marketing,” says Cragholm.

Promise That Goes Beyond the Product

Brands operating in the cannabis and hemp industries can join QualSCORE’s brand reputation accelerator program to further drive its brand value. The program includes numerous opportunities for brands that achieve high QualSCORE Quality Ratings to promote the achievement and use it to position their brands as the best choice on the market.

For example, if a subscriber’s Quality Rating is 91 or higher, they earn the QualSCORE High-Quality Award and can use the award name and logo on their website, marketing materials, signage, packaging, and more. They can also get a free “WOW Web Page” and access to a complete library of marketing resources that they can use to promote their high rating. In addition, QualSCORE High-Quality Award recipients are eligible to apply for QualSCORE’s SAFE Certification, the highest credential of safety and quality in the cannabis industry.

SAFE Certification is the most reliable independent certification of safety, quality, and service in the cannabis industry, and cannabis businesses and brands can apply for it as part of their monthly subscription to the QualSCORE software. Unlike other ratings and certification companies that charge thousands of dollars for this type of certification, as well as yearly (or more frequent) renewal fees, QualSCORE includes the SAFE Certification process at no extra charge as part of the company’s commitment to helping the best businesses and brands stand out in the cannabis industry. “Our goal at QualSCORE is to make it easy for consumers to find and recognize the best cannabis businesses and brands, and the SAFE Certification is the most powerful stamp of quality available today,” asserts Cragholm.

Demystifying the Customer Feedback Process

QualSCORE also has a complete system, the 'Feedback Friday System' built for cannabis dispensaries and delivery retailers to automatically collect valuable customer feedback on an ongoing basis, increase customer loyalty, boost word-of-mouth marketing, attract new customers, and increase sales and revenue.
Feedback Friday System works through an integration between the QualSCORE software and the leading cannabis dispensary point-of-sale (POS), digital display, and text message marketing technologies that are already being used in dispensaries.

For customers, it’s a three-step process of buy, try, and evaluate. First, a customer visits a dispensary and makes a purchase. The POS software captures the sale information and automatically sends the data to the text messaging company. The customer then sees an ad for Feedback Friday on the store’s digital display and in-store signage that tells them to look for a survey text message. The dispensary can even promote a special discount on a future purchase or another reward to encourage customers to take the survey.

Next, the customer leaves the dispensary, and on the first Friday after the purchase, the customer receives a Feedback Friday text message asking them to complete a quick survey and provide feedback on their experience. They can complete the survey in less than 60 seconds. The dispensary automatically receives the survey feedback and can use it to solve problems, identify opportunities, develop marketing messages, and more. “Customers can also get a discount off their next purchase if the dispensary opts to offer one, incentivizing them to come back and give feedback every time they shop. The final result is HAPPY HAPPY™ customers who return to the dispensary to buy again and share their positive experience by way of word-of-mouth—arguably the most effective way to market a business,” explains Cragholm.

Carving a New Path for the Cannabis World

The firm recently came out with a new version of the QualSCORE software and offered it to Beta Testers with a free 30-day subscription to test the metric system and provide feedback before its full rollout. The organization is also working on launching Feedback for Farmers to help licensed cannabis and hemp cultivators collect and measure customer feedback as well as rolling out Quick Surveys Powered by QualSCORE—a DIY Quick Survey builder tool offered at no extra charge with all QualSCORE subscriptions. Subscribers can use the DIY tool to create their own one-question and one-answer micro-surveys. It’s an easy way for a business to quickly and confidently get the insights they need to make critical decisions since response rates are typically speedy and very high.

"Qualscore Is Like The ‘Experian®’ Or ‘Carfax®’ Of The Cannabis Industry. The Only Difference Is That We Don’t Use Credit Scores To Rate Brands And Companies"

Cragholm’s vision is to see the QualSCORE Quality Rating metric (QSQR) being used and trusted across all industries to help consumers make the best purchase decisions by identifying high-quality businesses and brands and to help its business clients deliver the best, safest products and services to the local communities they serve. “We don’t just say we’re passionate about quality. We live it, and to prove it, QualSCORE uses its own system to improve. We value our customer feedback and make our QSQR public for anyone that asks. We share why we make certain decisions and explain how we rate and certify businesses and brands. Transparency is a fundamental part of doing business for us,” states Cragholm.

QualSCORE is on a full-speed growth trajectory. The firm is working on bringing in more subscribers and expanding in both the cannabis and hemp industries. Also, the team has plans to roll out new software features and look for additional strategic software integrations and partnerships that support the company’s mission to make high quality the standard and legitimize the cannabis industry by elevating the customer experience. “We aim to create a HAPPY HAPPY™ world with HAPPY HAPPY™ consumers, HAPPY HAPPY™ employees, and HAPPY HAPPY™ organizations everywhere,” he remarks.

With more states and countries legalizing cannabis-related products and services every year, having a fully automated solution such as QualSCORE enables businesses operating across the cannabis and hemp supply chains to ensure their products are always the highest possible quality and prove it to consumers.
- Debra Morgan
    November 27, 2020
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Jason Cragholm, Founder

A customer feedback and market research company, QualSCORE is focused on helping cannabis, and hemp CBD businesses and brands succeed and supporting consumers in their search for high-quality companies, products, and services through its innovative survey software and fully systematized solution to measure and track quality and customer happiness. With QualSCORE, cannabis businesses can collect verified customers’ feedback and use it to build brand loyalty, attract new customers, focus research and development efforts, and make critical business decisions. QualSCORE also has a complete system, the 'Feedback Friday System' built for cannabis dispensaries and delivery retailers to automatically collect valuable customer feedback on an ongoing basis, increase customer loyalty, boost word-of-mouth marketing, attract new customers, and increase sales and revenue.