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Vadim Yancharuk, Director of CRM department, Proxima Research InternationalVadim Yancharuk, Director of CRM department
In today’s hyperconnected world, the manner in which people receive and consume content is incredibly diverse and marketing companies everywhere are not shying away from making the most out of the opportunity. Owing to the digitally connected infrastructure adopted by thousands of consumers and businesses across the world, the resourcefulness of multichannel marketing (MCM) has presented marketers with a completely new dimension of effective outreach. Many industries in the world have been quick to adopt this new, more robust marketing strategy in tandem with adjacent technologies—but the same cannot be said about the pharmaceutical realm. The number of moving variables within the vertical are extremely difficult to manage, and disseminating medical information effectively is already a pre-existing challenge.

Moreover, according to Vadim Yancharuk, director of the CRM department at Proxima Research, a 360 degree healthcare data, technology, and services provider worldwide and leading MCM solutions supplier, many pharmaceutical companies tend to operate in a relatively old-fashioned manner; they continue to employ relatively analogue methodologies to carry out their marketing operations. This is evidently counterproductive when competing in the present globalised economy. In order to help pharmaceutical corporations, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations (HCP/HCO), and many other sectors of the industry overcome such predicaments, Proxima Research offers an extremely broad portfolio of innovative technology and marketing solutions that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of a healthcare enterprise.

With over 20 years of experience working with clients in more than 40 countries, Proxima Research provides a 360-degree MCM platform that seamlessly integrates with marketing and administrative software employed by various healthcare organisations. “We believe that there is a need for more convenient communication channels for healthcare professionals and our solutions bring about this change effectively,” expresses Yancharuk. The company places a strong emphasis on driving the innovation of digital communication, promising to help HCPs and the healthcare sector continually enjoy the benefits of a robust MCM system—even after the end of the pandemic. “We ensure prompt implementation and consistent support for our clients, customizing our products and services according to their unique requirements,” adds Yana Lytvynenko, head of the marketing department at Proxima Research.

We believe that there is a need for more convenient communication channels for healthcare professionals and our solutions bring about this change effectively

The company’s intuitively designed MCM platform empowers clients to access a large variety of communication channels, which include Whatsapp, Viber, and Telegram messengers, e-mailing, SMS messaging, IP telephonyz and video calls among many others. Moreover, Proxima Research has designed a highly sophisticated, syndicated HCOs/HCPs database solution—called Axioma—that houses the contacts of over a million consenting healthcare professionals and institutions across 15 countries. This extremely vast network of medical experts is constantly updated and validated. Moreover, using Axioma, clients can easily carry out their data verification processes of their own databases as well. The solution always adheres to the data and privacy protection policies of regulatory authorities all the while providing companies with the convenience of easy CRM integration, local technical customer support, and expeditious request processing. Proxima Research strongly concentrates on agility and dedicated customer service; thus, it's numerous and extremely talented staff of professionals leverage their extensive CRM, business intelligence, and market researching skills to customise each solution to suit a client’s needs.

To best elucidate on the core competencies of Proxima Research, Yancharuk shares the case study of Grindeks Group, a large, international pharmaceutical company, collaborated with Proxima Research to develop new solutions. “As the company was actively expanding its operation space in the European Union countries, it needed a reliable worldwide data and technology partner,” he recalls. After the successful tender, Proxima Research dedicatedly worked towards deploying their CRM system and Axioma into the pharmaceutical organisation’s IT infrastructure in 12 countries The implementation was extremely smooth, and the MCM benefits experienced by the client were almost immediately apparent.

With such strong MCM capabilities for the healthcare industry, the company has solidified its position as one of the most proficient IT solution providers in the modern marketing marketplace. Moving forward, Proxima Research intends to improve the integrative abilities of their solutions with better APIs alongside analysing and streamlining interactions between professionals throughout the industry. Geographical expansion is another key focus area for the company, where the goal currently stands at growing its presence throughout the Europe. “While expanding our presence overseas, we pay a special attention to maintaining an optimal price to quality ratio,” states Yana Lytvynenko, who also emphasises unparalleled 24/7 customer support for any and all MCM needs in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

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Proxima Research International

Proxima Research International

Kiev, Ukraine

Vadim Yancharuk, Director of CRM department and Yana Lytvynenko, Head of Marketing Department

For more than 20 years Proxima has been serving its customers, providing expert solutions in the areas of CRM/ETMS integration and support, HCP/HCO database management, multichannel marketing, BI-solutions implementation, IT-development, market data, marketing research and consulting.