Pipedrive: Next-Generation CRM for Businesses

Timo Rein, Co-Founder & CEO, PipedriveTimo Rein, Co-Founder & CEO
The complexity associated with not maintaining an amicable relationship with customers often leads to reduced brand visibility and missed marketing opportunities. An innovative approach is undertaken by Pipedrive to unite the polarized relationship between businesses and customers through its sales customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Pipedrive strives to enhance the course of actions that drive the sales force, optimize sales, ensure brand visibility, generate highly secured accurate data reports, and enhance overall productivity.

“If you see that when you’re doing sales you’re actually running a business, if you see it that way, I think then that you have an edge,” states Timo Rein, co-founder and CEO, Pipedrive outlining the importance of sales to create a lucrative business. Pipedrive’s value proposition, sales pipeline management solution, analyzes and presents a visual representation of the investment in each tier of a client’s sales process. It enhances the efficiency of the sales team by empowering them to understand the various deals and expenditures that take place in every stage of sales undertakings. The predicaments that Pipedrive faced as a new company, made Rein aware of the problems startups face. Hence, Pipedrive team addresses these issues by developing a sales CRM that is focused on the customer base. The CRM solution enhances the sales capabilities of small businesses by managing their budgets, contracts, and conversation, along with increasing their visibility to prospective clients.

Pipedrive has tailored its solution to boost the innovative undertakings of the startup generation, by providing carefully analyzed strategy and visibility toward managing the fundraising process, the most vital aspect of any startup’s survival.

If you see that when you’re doing sales you’re actually running a business, if you see it that way, I think then that you have an edge

Ease of use and the ability to implement Pipedrive’s software across a wide range of devices makes it a highly flexible solution and popular among startups. Pipedrive’s team understands the necessities of integrating with clients’ existing analytics applications and business infrastructure. Thus it provides syncing capabilities with Google apps— Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Drive—to help unite its client’s access to information in one platform.

Pipedrive has additionally developed solutions to increase sales potential like Business Card Reader Pipedrive CRM as a mobile application to help clients save customer information. Another elemental and novel addition to the Pipedrive platform is the call tracking mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The application registers outgoing call logs that originate from the app and provides a platform to create notes after each call.

In an instance, Pipedrive helped Northwest Weatherization increase its revenue by 15 percent after it started to grow in size rapidly and was unable to maintain its sales processing while facing the risk of losing customer information with its existing CRM. Pipedrive reduced the time taken to process sales information by reducing the steps, thus effectively empowering the client to focus on other productive affairs within the company.

Down the line, Pipedrive is intent on making its solution more customer-oriented by adding additional features according to the requirements of clients. With a proven track record of effectively meeting client needs, Pipedrive is set to take on the sales management challenges of tomorrow by leveraging state of the art technology.