Pegasystems [NASDAQ:PEGA]: AI-Powered Marketing

$alt_name"Alan Trefler, CEO
Marketing organizations are working for effective returns on marketing investments by delivering a consistent customer experience across all marketing channels. Traditional marketing campaigns, overwhelming customers with inconsistent offers, and unsatisfactory customer experiences result in low conversion rates and excessive customer churn. Pegasystems’ [NASDAQ:PEGA] Unified Marketing Solution, a customer relationship management solution, “allows marketers to deliver increasingly personalized experiences at every turn,” according to CEO and founder, Alan Trefler. The marketing solution is a combination of inbound and outbound marketing, campaign management, and analytics, assisting sales representatives every step of the way. Prioritizing customer-centric marketing strategy, the marketing solution manages multi-channel communication throughout the customer journey while maintaining a balance by providing measurable benefits to organizations.

Businesses control marketing operations through a single marketing portal capable of designing changing, measuring, and controlling multi-channel customer strategies. Artificial intelligence (AI) fueled by adaptive analytics and machine learning is used to take the next-best-action approach to determine the right action for every customer. AI learns and develops a better understanding of every customer in real time, across all channels from a contact center, to email, social media, and mobile. It then determines top offers, best time, specific treatment, and best channel to interact with customers to ensure a positive customer experience. Capable of learning and adapting based on customer data and business context, Pegasystems’ AI provides customer insights for marketers to take real-time decisions. The system assigns a customized business case for each customer to better anticipate his or her preferences. Relevant and compelling offers are sent to customers, but within practical and profitable limits, thus maintaining a balance between what customers expect and what businesses try to achieve.
Paid advertising is a critical part of acquiring revenue goals for businesses, it allows marketers to reach new prospects and reconnect with existing customers. The partnership between Merkle and Pega has resulted in the launch of a solution that unifies advertisement and marketing technology to enable more efficient and relevant advertisement campaigns and omnichannel experiences. By combining powerful data management platform (DMP) technology with advanced AI, marketing teams can determine the next best action to take with each customer and prospect. The solution uses the insights gained from the customers to send personalized advertisements. Customer feedback is sent to marketers’ DMP with information regarding offers, retention plans, service case, or any other business issue. Since the information gathered is in real time, the campaigns can continuously adapt to meet the changing customer expectations.

Unified Marketing Solution allows marketers to deliver increasingly personalized experiences at every turn

To meet dynamic customer demands, organizations are required to execute and manage marketing campaigns through a combination of skilled business resources and advanced technology. Pega’s AI solution, Pega Customer Decision Hub is designed to advance marketing strategies to run effective real-time marketing campaigns. Customer Decisioning as-a- Service, a joint venture between Accenture and Pega, has allowed communication service providers such as Etisalat, a UAE-based telecom provider, to expand marketing offers and services. Leveraging Pega technology that optimizes customer engagement, Accenture’s teams execute AI-driven marketing strategies for clients to achieve performance goals. This new solution from Pega and Accenture helps enable communication service providers of all sizes to connect with customers in more relevant, meaningful ways.

AI works seamlessly with Pega’s integrated applications for sales, customer service, and marketing to deliver sublime, personalized, coherent, and contextually relevant experiences, in a manner how customers expect to interact with their providers. AI has begun to play a direct role in interacting with both customers and employees, adapting technology to the needs of the people using it. Much more than just a tool to increase efficiency, AI enabled marketing marks the future of digital marketing.