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Nicole Rodrigues, Founder and CEO, NRPR GroupNicole Rodrigues, Founder and CEO
A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad." These timeless words by Richard Branson reiterate the impact PR has on a company’s overall business objectives. In this digital age, however, where most PR firms only focus on deploying various social media handles, influencer partnerships, and automated tools to interact with media organizations, NRPR Group is completely rewriting the narrative. The agency’s team works tirelessly to bring back the magic and measurable business value of telling powerful brand stories through enduring relationships with media organizations, journalists, and the public.

By harnessing its proven PR formula (a refined blend of deeply tailored press interactions, strategic savvy, and extensive business acumen that spans the industries of its clients), NRPR helps brands and businesses reach its target audiences by crafting thoughtful narratives, producing an ongoing buzz, and earning recognition for its clients to garner maximum positive publicity.

The team also helps clients generate new leads and build credibility as authorities and changemakers in their spaces.

"We have a tremendously talented team of writers, communicators, and strategists who build meaningful ties between clients, the media, and the public to amplify the brands we believe in and ensure their mission and services reach those who need them most," says Nicole Rodrigues, NRPR’s founder and CEO.

One of the major industry trends most companies are up against is reputation management in the wake of social media's growing influence on public discourse. Now, more than ever, people want to know more about the ethos, values, people, and impact behind the brands they choose to do business with. Consumers want to feel like their purchases will help contribute to the larger picture in some positive way.
When one wrong tweet can put a company's public image at stake, reputation management for executive spokespeople is proving to be a massive challenge.

NRPR offers an award-winning educational video series, PRactical Guide to Publicity, aimed at teaching business leaders the value of strategic corporate positioning and PR by showing them how to develop news-driven press releases, whitepapers, bylined articles, and other elements of thought leadership which are later shared with the press to support all sides of the storytelling funnel.

Drawing from her 22+ years of strategic leadership experience for organizations like Dolby, Sony Pictures, and Hulu, Rodrigues, a member of the Forbes Agency Council, is well aware of one undisputed truth: "There’s no cookie-cutter approach to effective PR campaigns. We deploy tailor-made strategies unique to each client based on their specific business goals.”
  • We have a tremendously talented team of writers, communicators, and strategists who amplify the brands we believe in and ensure their mission and services reach those who need them most

NRPR has executed countless successful end-to-end PR campaigns for startups and Fortune 500 companies within FinTech, HealthTech, entertainment, lifestyle, sports and more. One prime example is the work NRPR has done to increase the much-deserved visibility of LA Comic Con both before, during, and after the pandemic. NRPR worked handin- hand with the event’s leadership every step of the way to prepare attention-worthy outreach and messaging strategies while ensuring all necessary safety protocols and hybridexperience solutions were taken into account as the world navigated COVID-19. Now, today, NRPR has helped amplify LA Comic Con's profile to such a degree that this year’s event was the largest, most successful, and most immersive to date, attracting approximately 140,000 attendees and numerous A-list celebrities from around the world.

Driven by its award-winning reputation and relationshipbased approach to public relations, NRPR will continue working to elevate the way PR is done in the modern era by choosing clients who are positively impacting the world while uplifting media partners and business’ bottom lines.
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NRPR Group

NRPR Group

Beverly Hills, CA

Nicole Rodrigues, Founder and CEO

NRPR Group is bringing a distinctive blend of personalized interactions, unparallel strategic savvy, and extensive business acumen to help companies reach out to a large base of target audience by producing an ongoing buzz and recognition that garners maximum publicity.