Next Level Marketing: Results-Focused, Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Matthew Vazquez, CEO, Next Level MarketingMatthew Vazquez, CEO
Technology is changing so rapidly, and companies that don’t keep up will be left behind. Next Level Marketing is not one of those companies. As pioneers in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) space, Next Level leverages the power of technology and uses consumer behavior data and online trends to create sales funnels. This allows them to create a deeply thought-out marketing strategy for their clients so they can deliver them in the most cost-effective manner. As Matthew Vazquez, CEO of Next Level says, “We do not view ourselves as a digital agency. We view ourselves as a digital results agency.”

Next Level’s success stems from their position as early adopters of new technology. “As soon as we hear about a new technology coming out, internally we begin figuring out how we can leverage these technologies in order to achieve greater efficiency, not only for ourselves, but also for our clients,” says Vazquez. This approach is used to determine how to increase profitability and identify more targeted data points so they can make informed decisions about where they need to leverage their various services.

Vazquez believes there is a massive shift taking place in the SEO industry and that within the next five years, the focus will be on social media because an increasing number of people are spending more time on these platforms than on search engines. “The way people are consuming content is no longer just via search engines because now their friends are talking about things,” he adds. “Social is going to be the future of SEO. Search engines need to begin the pivot process soon.”

Social is going to be the future of SEO. Search engines need to begin the pivot process soon

Next Level has set themselves apart from their competition with their ability to combine SEO with social media marketing, which has been highly beneficial for clients. One of Next Level client’s was a small- to medium-sized business that couldn’t get the proper leverage and exposure to their target markets. Next Level came onboard and did a full analysis of the client’s demographic, and the best tactics and overall strategy to not only increase brand awareness and expansion, but also escalate profitability and sales revenue.

Next Level put together a very comprehensive SEO strategy, coupled with a social media advertising strategy. Those two things combined increased the client’s number of unique visitors by over 2,000 percent. It increased their call volume by 300 percent and their email volume by 500 percent. In six months’ time, their business almost doubled, and now they are the leading company in their industry.

Ultimately, the key to Next Level’s success is their ability to embrace change and break down every lead they generate for a client and tell them definitively what a lead costs them. When a client knows that a lead will cost them a certain amount, they have leverage. They know how to grow their business because it’s very transparent that when they follow specific steps, they are able to achieve the set goals.

Vazquez is driven to be the very best in whatever he does and he has proven that with the success of Next Level. As they move forward, Next Level will continue to embrace change and direct their focus on the interactive style of SEO. This will allow them to meet the consumer where they are and clearly communicate their clients’ value propositions about their products to their prospective clients.