Zycada Introduces New Offering for Online Retailers

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Zycada's new platform seamlessly integrates with online retail platforms and significantly accelerates e-commerce performance.

FREMONT, CA: Zycada, the firm that empowers the fastest online shopping experience in the world, introduces a new offering for online retailers that are powered by Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceCloud, and Magento. With this platform, firms that use these platforms can easily leverage Zycada's CSA (Cloud Service Accelerator) to dramatically boost their e-commerce experience, enhancing page load and time to interactive (TTI) speeds 10X and 20X, eclipsing even Amazon.

More brands and retailers are leveraging turnkey services like Shopify and Magento to seamlessly roll out online stores and take advantage of the booming e-commerce market. The customers on these platforms can now use Zycada just as effortlessly. Using the acceleration technology for e-commerce platforms, these shops will significantly optimize their websites and apps, achieving faster e-commerce speeds than Amazon. As a result, they will see improved conversion rates, higher purchase value and, more revenue.

Zycada is now seamlessly combining with Shopify, CommerceCloud, WooCommerce, and Magento. Retailers harnessing these services can deploy Zycada within a day without making any code changes or needing technical expertise. Organizations, no matter their size, can seamlessly employ Zycada's CSA to boost their e-commerce speeds and improves buyer engagement. Zycada has strengthened its position in e-commerce and increased its customer base. Using cutting-edge technology, Zycada's CSA deploys bots to understand the real user's interaction and uses it to speed up the site.

Enterprises from several retail sectors are increasingly choosing Zycada to offer better e-commerce performance, including faster page load and TTI speeds and a quicker e-commerce funnel experience. In addition to enhanced performance, these customers also use Zycada to offer a more personalized online shopping experience, featuring rich, dynamic content and helping their growing mobile commerce platforms.

Since its launch, the company also widened its leadership team with Sumit Agarwal, co-Founder, and COO of Shape Security, to its Board of Directors.

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