YouAppi's Permit App-Scanner to Ensure Fraud Free Communicative Platform

By MarTech Outlook | Thursday, July 18, 2019

Moshe Vaknin, CEO and Co-founder

YouAppi quickly analyses the fraudulent traffic by analyzing the messages with a wide extent of detection tests.

FREMONT, CA: YouAppi, has announced that it received an authorized certificate for its App-Scanner System. The patent number, 249979 is received under the title of innovation, system, and method of monitoring electronic content. The App-Scanner enables YouAppi to detect the flow of messages during the ad serving process and monitor, ensuring the prevention of a wide range of fraud cases.

“After many years of working hard improving the mobile ecosystem, we are honored to be granted this patent,” said the YouAppi CEO, Moshe Vaknin. By continuously investing in technology and innovation know-how we build smart and efficient solutions to fight fraudulent traffic in the digital advertising environment, he added.

YouAppi’s App-Scanner detects monitors and analyzes the messages and communication to and from a smartphone, by enabling the automatic emulation of customer experience for exercising a wide range of tests for detection and prevention of deceitful pursuits.

All the imitated actions are recorded and examined along with the responses of the app environment and is noted and studied by the App-Scanner for detection of any abnormal behavior, which are backed by recorded proof.

Features of the App-Scanner includes the ability to identify click and view messages that are sent from an app by the involvement of user or without any actions performed by the user, like detecting fraudulent view report or auto click fraud or click insertion fraud. It also records the groups of click messages that are sent from the smartphone, denoting click spamming frauds, as well as analyze redirection of URL messages for identification of re-brokering actions and the re-brokered entity.

As one of the leading marketing platforms for premium mobile brands in Europe, North America, and Asia, YouAppi was also featured in Marketing Tech Outlook magazine’s Top 10 Mobile Marketing Solution Provider in 2017.

Looking forward, Vaknin concludes that the patent certification will prove the ability of YouAppi to build innovative solutions that ensure industries and clients’ return on ad investments.

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