Why Social Media Matters for Event Planning?

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Event PlanningSocial media is the answer to event planners who are looking for unique and creative ways to promote events. 

FREMONT, CA: Event planning usually requires a good amount of time to get all the details together and create a great marketing plan. Social media can be a perfect partner of event pros in planning events. And the best part about social media is that most of its valuable services are free of cost. It is high time for event pros to get into the bandwagon. Here is more for event pros to get started.

Although people prefer texting over e-mailing today, e-mail marketing is still alive. There are likely event attendees who don't have a social media page and haven't even heard of them, but they are more likely to have an e-mail account. So, event pros can consider e-mail marketing as one of their most important social media tools for planning events. Signing up with e-mail marketing platforms can allow event pros to easily format their message and send it to people with the click of a button.

The blogosphere is continuing to evolve. Event pros can start a blog for free, and generate an audience quickly by announcing it on other social media platforms. Blogs are an excellent place for lengthier messages. With blogs, event pros can provide in-depth details about the event and announce sponsors or speakers and talk more about them. Helpful information about ticket sales or parking details can also be posted on blogs. And during the event, event 

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pros can live blog about the event for people who couldn't attend.

Social media is not just a place to keep track of friends' and family's daily doings. There are social media business pages which are a great way to build a buzz about the event through the fan base. Creating a social media event and inviting all the fans and encouraging them to invite their networks of friends and family can result in the success of the event. It is always advisable for the event management team to get people involved in the social media wall by answering questions, introducing speakers, and tagging pictures with attendees.

When planning an event, having a social media strategy is becoming essential as it provides exciting tools that can be used before, during, and after the event.

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