Why Real-Time Insurance Quote Engine is Insurers' New Favorite?

By Martech Outlook | Thursday, December 12, 2019

A real-time quote engine enables insurers to access valuable insurance quotes from various digital channels automatically.    

FREMONT, CA: To make a strong position in the insurance market, insurance agencies need to work efficiently and strategically. Hence, it is high time for insurance professionals in the competitive insurance sales arena to streamline their processes and adopt a live insurance quote engine. A real-time quote engine empowers insurance agents to extract insurance quotes from multiple channels automatically. With the potential of real-time insurance quote engines, insurance agents can perform their job more efficiently. Some benefits this tool offers to insurance agents are below.

• Several Quote Options for Prospects

If an insurance agency manually enters prospect information into several separate carrier sites and produces various quotes on different files, it can skip out on additional carriers and plan options to save more time. The insurance agency uses a live real-time quoting engine to prevent the above carrier-skipping situation from happening. The real-time quote engine lets the insurance agents make intelligent decisions according to their business targets. If a prospect requires adding or removing a carrier or plan option, they can simply do it with a single click of a button.

• Round the Clock Availability                          

The full-time availability of the insurance agent can surely bring more insurance quotes. A real-time quoting engine can make the availability of a help desk 24/7. With real-time, round the clock available quoting engine, insurance agencies can provide consumers the chance to understand what the agency is offering and how agents can help them while enabling instant sales. The solution saves a valuable amount of time and resources that an agent can allocate in building and managing a strong customer relationship.

• Instant Customer Gratification

Today, competition for insurance leads is in the cutthroat situation. If a prospect falls upon the site and cannot access what they want immediately, the scenario rushes off to a competitor’s site. With a real-time quote engine on the websites, the insurance agency can offer live quotes, as live quoting is no more an option but a necessity to compete against the best.

Technology advancement accelerates the operations of the insurance industry and helps the insurance agents find valuable data through real-time insurance quote engines

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