Why Marketers Must Choose CDP?

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Customer Data PlatformData is the absolute bedrock for marketing, and to keep pace with the digital data, marketers are now opting for CDP.

FREMONT, CA: As customer engagement became digital, dynamic, and connected, marketers found themselves always up against two key challenges—siloed data and siloed experiences. Each of these challenges requires a distinct solution. Customer Data Platform (CDP) is gaining popularity among brands that want more efficient marketing ideas and planned results. CDP can help brands get a complete understanding of their customers to deliver them a consistent experience across all digital channels. Why today's marketers must choose CDP?  

It is critical for marketers to manage customer data, be it on the web or mobile app. When it comes to data management, a CDP is more efficient than the marketing automation system. A CDP can aggregate and unify customer data from a wide variety of sources, including online channels, CRM, call center, and many more. The marketing automation system can handle data input from different sources, but it cannot aggregate and unify data to create a single user view. CDP also can deliver personalized messages in real-time. CDP is built on a database technology that works in real-time. The marketing automation system works only when data is fed to it manually by the marketer. It can't work in real-time.Top Customer Data Platform Solution Companies

A CDP dwells on the several data sources that are integrated with it. Data sharing happens in real-time with the CDP and all the systems that are connected to it through various interfaces. The marketing automation system is built to drive its core automation feature rather than sharing data with other systems. Using customers' email addresses as the digital passport combined with a CDP, marketers can now achieve genuine and meaningful levels of personalization too.

Marketing automation systems are slowly becoming outdated. They have evolved into something better and innovative, known as the CDP. If marketers want to glean valuable insights by unifying customer data across various sources and then craft a unique customer journey, a CDP is what they should opt for.

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