Why Lead Retrieval is Essential for Hosting Trade Shows?

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Lead RetrievalLead retrieval designed to connect business with customers is essential for todays trade shows as it help brands effectively bridge the gap between customer requirements and services. 

FREMONT, CA: So much time and effort of a brand goes into planning an exhibition or a booth at a trade show, conference, or expo. There are logistics, marketing materials, travel, the staff, and many other resources involved. The list is endless, and the expense for the brand can be significant. Once the event begins, the sales pitches flow in. When the sales discussions start, the focus should be majorly on pitching why the brand’s product or service is the best, along with collecting the business cards of the people that marketers speak with. This is where lead retrieval technology can make the event experience much enhanced and easier. It is the best tool for capturing contacts to convert attendees into leads and ultimately into profitable customers. Here is more about why the lead retrieval system is so essential and beneficial in marketing efforts.     

Ideally, when brands organize events, they should use a process that gathers accurate attendee information without inconveniencing guests or interfering with their event experience. Endless amounts form filling, card swapping, explanations, and all are outdated methods. A well-implemented lead retrieval system makes sharing and gathering information effortless, instantaneous, and trackable. For events, knowing a guest’s name, company, job function, and event goals put an exhibitor two steps ahead. Through badges, bar codes, QR codes, scanners, and RFID, it is possible for brands to immediately gather all the relevant attendee information they need for providing an effective presentation, tailored to each guest.   

A lead retrieval system gathers the right information and helps exhibitors generate leads, understand customer requirements, form better connections, and convert leads into sign-ups, memberships, and sales. The information gathered by the lead retrieval system is available in real-time allowing business representatives to follow up leads immediately without waiting for the event to conclude. The system also helps both event organizers and attendees by collecting information about what attendees need and assisting organizers to ensure that those demands are met. In addition to the comprehensive lead collection, tracking, and engagement, having a lead retrieval platform makes things easier for the team, as they don’t need to master a new scanner or app with each event. 

Attendee tracking and data collection are methods to help attendees differentiate a brand from its competing players. For events and exhibitors, brand image is essential. By implementing technology, including RFID scanners, the corporate event can benefit from quick registration, instant information exchanges, accurate data, and attendee personalization. The right lead retrieval system is the one that gathers data independently. At deeper levels, these collected data can reveal insights that are vital to corporate branding and direction. With the ability to add notes to a scanned lead, salespeople will know precisely why they collected that information in the first place.Top Event Management Solution Companies

When all these elements are in place, results are nearly guaranteed. A trusted technology partner can provide the right lead retrieval system, customize it to the brand’s specifications, and give recommendations on how to use it to maximize business potential. When planning an exhibit, brands should be sure to include purchasing lead retrieval on their to-do list. With a lead retrieval system, brands can maximize the connections they make at the event and ensure that the company is getting the most out of the investment. Trade show exhibiting is not an easy task, neither inexpensive. So when an event is planned, brands' booth that has a lead capture tool as part of the package is a great perk.

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