Why Gamified Email Campaign is a Buzz in Marketing

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Saturday, April 03, 2021

In the modern marketing context, gamification is often integrated into email campaigns to boost customer engagement. 

FREMONT, CA: The digital marketing landscape is continually evolving as new programs, innovations, and platforms are created. While these changes have the potential to present exciting business opportunities for brands, they can also represent a new range of challenges and uncertainties. With several new and promising digital marketing tactics at brands’ disposal, how high should businesses prioritize email campaigns today? After all, messages from social media and other digital channels are already saturating the daily lives of customers. All this points to the same question: is it still worth it to invest valuable time and resources in email marketing? The answer is yes. Email marketing is one of the smartest investments brands can make, but only when it is mixed with innovative and appealing techniques like gamification—the newest thing in the email marketing block. Here is more on this.

One of the significant goals for email marketers is to expand subscriber lists, with many brands offering discounts in exchange for newsletter sign-ups to do so. This can end up in situations like some users merely signing up for the offer and missing to engage with the brand thereafter. Gamification can be a perfect way to attract new subscribers with interactive elements helping in making emails more engaging long after the initial sign-up process. The trackable aspects of gamification will give people a reason to stay engaged with the campaign after sign-up.

Talking about rewards, it is the most common reason for incorporating gamification into emails. This is because the standard deals and discounts are common practice, and therefore not very original and enthusiastic for subscribers. By asking users to participate in a game to win offers and rewards gives them more motivation, adds excitement, and for winners, the experience becomes exclusive. For this, brands can include levels of loyalty to encourage subscribers to keep opening and clicking. To make subscribers' loyalty levels to go up, they need to interact. This kind of tactic can make people recommend the brands to their peers.

Instead of merely sending an email to inform or remind users specifically about something, gamification can be used to generate a buzz and excitement among the customers. While gamification is often based on motivation and reward, if the game itself is exciting enough, the whole purpose can also be entertainment. One of the significant challenges for marketers is to make email creative, especially when people tend to be subscribed to several brand newsletters. To spark greater interest, brands need to offer free stuff and rewards. Exclusive titles, credits, social awards, or discount coupons with QR-codes are also great rewards to encourage active subscriber participation in the gamification email.

While interacting with gamified content is a lot of fun, the thing that subscribers are looking for at the end is their reward for participating. So, brands must make sure the reward is something that not only appeals to the customers but also makes them want to keep coming back for more.Top Marketing Automation Solution Companies

To derive the best results from gamification, brands need to take a data-driven approach and study their audience. Firms should also understand what topics and games will trigger customers’ attention and use only those in emails. As gamification is a relatively new tool in email marketing, the surest way to check its effectiveness is to try it out. So, brands can start implementing gamification in emails and achieve expected marketing goals.

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