Why Entail CRM and Marketing Automation Duo in Business

By Martech Outlook | Friday, February 22, 2019

CRMThe Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution brings a host of capabilities including storing prospects and customers, make calls, send emails, create reports, schedule appointments, add notes and many more to business. It also gives real-time notifications when a customer performs a significant activity. In short a goldmine of information available under one roof. Marketing automation refers to software designed with the goal of automating marketing activities. The repetitive tasks including website actions can be automated with this tool. The two tools allow an organization to control various steps of their buyer's journey.

In a business sales and marketing are evolving together, changing with times. With combining both marketing automation and CRM an organization can quickly accelerate the lead's life cycle by collaborating customer data with behavior tracking.

Benefits of Using the Duo of CRM and Marketing Automation

Lead Tracking: Traditionally, CRM was separate to marketing automation but has changed dramatically.  The integrated system can give far greater visibility into each leads as it progresses through marketing and the sales process. This helps B2B firms where their sales cycle is too long.


Smart Management: Marketing automation makes an organization's marketing campaigns effective. Getting the precise ROI figures would enable to focus the efforts in the right areas. CRM will integrate sales and financial system to allow understanding the ROI of marketing campaigns. Once done this will enable the firm to compare them to focus on the most effective and benchmark performance over time.

Seamless Channel Integration:  CRM can offer seamless integration across email, mobile and all other channels to ensure the message is sent at the right time in the sales process, which is even more critical in the mobile age where consumers are moving between multiple channels. CRM provides a single view of all interactions with customers.


Combination of marketing and sales can act as a game changer for businesses looking to gain from every single money spent on marketing and sales to get the maximum value to the customers.

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