Why Customer Data Platform is Useful for the Companies

Martech Outlook | Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Companies are adopting customer data platforms to understand the requirement of the customers better.

FREMONT, CA: The Customer Data Platform is one part of the stack (CDP). A Customer Data Platform is a device that, at any touchpoint, aggregates and integrates customer data so that companies can understand precisely who the customers are and what motivates their behavior. The engineering team will save months of time spent implementing each marketing and analytics technology independently by taking a cohesive method for data collection.

While there are minor variations between CDP suppliers, there are four common components that all true CDPs need to deliver. A Customer Data Platform is, therefore, a framework that allows them to:Top Customer Data Platform Solution Companies

• Collect data from every client touchpoint.

• Unify and store consumer data in one location.

• Segment clients into meaningful audiences.

• Enable client data and audiences with the appropriate tools to drive personalization and revenue.

CX teams can use a CDP to create actionable segments to personalize every customer interaction when the data is unified. They can keep the segmentation rules and advertising consistent across platforms by building target audiences with a CDP instead of the end tools.

Develop a real-time, trigger-based customer engagement workflow. The companies can use their systems and data to develop a real-time, trigger-based customer experience workflow after seeing what is possible with a CDP:

The outline of the objective is:

Tap into the custom-built app to capture user behavior data- The company can use their Consultancy Portal that all consultants use to access company-wide information.

• Look for a very specific behavior- Recognize what the consultants are searching for.

• Add them to an audience — Group consultants that have the same behavior.

• Add them to a campaign — Based on the behavior, target them with an email.

• Do all the above in real-time.

Companies might think that all of them are straightforward, and it could be easily programmed into the Consultancy Portal.  But they must consider these use-cases:

In addition to the above objective,

• Only focus on consultants that have a specific title- Dependent on the CRM data.

• Focus on consultants that are about to come off engagements in the next fortnight- Dependent on the Resource Portal data.

• Target consultants that did not end up on the profile page after searching for a product- Depends on long-term outcomes, not just simple events.

• Develop a task for them in Salesforce CRM.

All the above criteria sound reasonably straightforward but need a flow of behavioral consultant data that can be processed in real-time by tapping data sets through multiple systems and looking at very specific properties and effects, then distributed to wherever they need it to go. All of this can be achieved through the Segment's Customer Data Platform by digital, marketing, and customer service teams.

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